Tips for Reaching 100 Sales On Etsy

The Bella Wallet in Parisian Damask

The Bella Wallet in Parisian Damask

Reaching your first 100 sales on Etsy is a great milestone to reach.  It can however be a tough one to reach, but with the proper knowledge it can be done.  Here are few tips from an Etsy seller that has reached and passed the 100 sale milestone.

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By: blissbyheather

I know that alot of posts are written asking for advice on how to kickstart or improve sales. I thought I’d share some tips that I have used over the past 4.5 months since I started selling on etsy. Please feel free to add your own too, as I’d love to get some new ideas!

1)Spend some time on your pictures: You don’t have to be a great photographer, haha I’m not, or have an expensive camera to do it. I’ve found that white backgrounds seem to show off my products the best. I purchased 2 pieces of white bristol (or poster) board for less than $2. Now I photograph most of my items in front of, and on top of this board. I then use the free editing software that came with my camera to crop the photos, zoom in and adjust the brightness of the picture

2)Come up with a detailed description of your item: Note the dimensions of your product. If it’s difficult to tell the “true” colour of your item, mention what colours it really is.

3)”Sell your item”: Remember you can have an awesome, unique product but because you don’t have the opportunity to speak to your customers in person you you need to try and convey this message through your description. Instead of saying “small zippered bag”, you could talk about all of the numerous uses the customer could get out of your bag (change purse, makeup bag, ipod pouch, cellphone protector etc.)

4)Buy the domain name for your store. My etsy store address is but the etsy part is difficult for strangers to remember. I spent $9.99 to purchase the domain name and now when I run into friends or random people who ask about my purses I can now tell them an easy to remember site address. (After I purchased the site, I chose to redirect it to my etsy store)

5)Post new items in the forums once in awhile. I think that a certain portion of my sales (maybe 15-20%) have come from fellow etsy’ers. It’s helps to show off your new items once in awhile (major emphasis on once in awhile). I don’t know about anyone else, but I ignore posts from sellers who have 15 new posts in one day. It seems like a bit of overkill. On the otherhand, I’ve run into stores with incredible products, good prices that have a low number of sales and I can only imagine it’s because people don’t know about their store, or else they’d be buying it out:)

6)It’s possible to advertise without spending a dime! I have yet to spend a cent on advertising although I’m off to go order some business cards on Monday. I’m not suggesting that people go this way, but for those of you who are just starting out and don’t want to put a large initial investment into your store (as was my case), know that it is possible to not spend money, but still make sales. Ways that you can advertise include myspace, facebook, livejournal, posting on different forums etc.

Etsy Forum Rewind – Be Different And Stand Out In The Crowd

 Snarky, Funny Friendship Card / Friends Forever

Snarky, Funny Friendship Card / Friends Forever | By: Neat Things

By: Neat Things

My dad used to always say, “Find what you’re better at than most people and do that for a living.” It was his recipe for success.

If you’re struggling with sales. If you’re not absolutely-fundamentally-in-your-gut clear on your identity or what you want your business to be. If you can’t quite manage to get yourself off the ground. If you are wondering what magical marketing trick is up some sellers’ sleeves. Here’s a zany idea. Try narrowing your business instead of expanding it.

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“What is she saying!? If I narrow myself, I narrow my market!” You might be balking. But before you run away screaming, consider this.

There are tons of photographers on here. And, to people who don’t really know photography too well or buy it all that much (myself included – I prefer paint and sculpture), all photographers look alike. One pink flower is like all other pink flowers. It’s a clear shot, there’s a green leafy background, and there might be a bit of blue sky. Blah.

There are also tons of jewelers on here. And to people who don’t really understand the potential complexities in creating your own lampwork beads (I do, by the way. I took a class and quickly realized I should never be left in a room holding both fire and glass.), a lot of beaded jewelry looks alike. There’s some metal, there are some beads. Sure, a lot of stuff is really gorgeous, but unless it’s standing out like a 6″ tall spiked blue mohawk in a small town shopping mall (as I once saw in the 1980s), it’s not going to get noticed.

So if you’re in one of those difficult categories, consider putting a stop to creating random new stuff. Instead, find something to make your work really unique and different and focus on recreating that theme again and again.

For instance, if you’re a nature photographer, don’t just shoot all the flowers you see and list them here. Shoot all the flowers you see from all the angles you can imagine. Consider tweaking photos with some kind of signature (there’s a photog on here whose name I can’t remember who does that) and list everything that fits that theme — and only that theme. Become the best nature photog with that theme that exists on Etsy (and elsewhere).

Read more here:  Be sure to read the rest of Neat Things’ post, as there are a few words of caution you will want to read.

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Another Reason To Have Great Product Photos: More People Using Google Image Search

About a month ago Google introduced an upgraded image search and, according to our search stats, it looks like people are starting to use it more.

Google Image Search

Google Image Search - Vintage Buttons

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Adding value to your investments

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Keyword Tips For Etsy Sellers – Google Search And The Wonder Wheel

I came across this great tip or tool in one of my marketing email newsletters I receive. Some of you Etsy folks may know of Bill Walton. I typically use the Google Keyword tool to help me brainstorm possible keywords. It still doesn’t seem to display the right words. Often times I find myself double checking what words I keyed in because the results are nothing like what I entered.  So I utilize the Keyword Tool and now the Google Wonder Wheel. It is much like those brainstorm wheels we did in school. It can go on and on. Let me walk you through it.

1. Go to Google and enter your keywords, such as “Purple Flower Ring” hit enter

2. You will get the results page. Look to the left and you will see “More Search Tools” – click the arrow down/carrot button

3. Scroll down the list of tools until you get to “Wonder Wheel” and click it.

4. Google’s top rated related keywords to Purple Flower Ring are displayed.

5. Click on “Floral Wedding Ring” and you get that keywords’ related keywords. You will see another brainstorm wheel shoot off from the “Purple Flower Ring”

As you can tell, this can go on and on. Have fun, play with it. You’ll get the hang of it. You are now using a search tool which has its own brain to think and produce the results. Earlier we had to think ourselves about the related keywords of the word ‘floral’ to get optimum search results. Now, using this tool, the software with which it is designed does the thinking job for us and what we get is a treasure of results. When the choices are more, you can turn on the appropriate filters so that the result page gets trimmed in the right manner, eliminating any unwanted keyword’s related keyword. Then, you can easily sail on till your eyes lock on the target. There is no room for worry regarding the speed of the search tool, for it utilizes only a limited space in your processor memory and comes with a self-cleaning support to remove irrelevant cache and pop-ups. You are thus introduced to a brilliant time and effort saving add-in in this post. Even if the words are faded blue, you can go back and click any of the words.  I think it takes some practice. But it automatically gives you the top related keywords.

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By: Speckled Frog Crochet

When I first opened my Etsy store in October 2009 I wasn’t completely sure what I would sell patterns or product I did a little of both in the beginning but quickly found that I loved to create new items and being a stay-at-home with two very busy boys I wanted something I could do in my own time.

So Speckled Frog Crochet was born. Over the past 9 months and more than 1100 sales, I have learned so many useful things I want to share with anyone will to read this post.

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First and foremost Etsy is an incredible site! I could not and would not do what I am doing if it weren’t for Etsy. Setting up my store was so inexpensive, professional looking and easy. I am not incredibly computer savvy but I was able to do it in just a few hours.

The opinions posted hear are only my opinion take or leave what you like but someone, may find this useful.
So let’s start at the beginning!
Deciding What to Sell
Because I do so many different crafts this was a little hard for me to decide. Like I mentioned before I am a stay-at-home mom so I needed something that worked in my time frame and was flexible. Also space was an issue I love to sew but with no area available to dedicate to that it really wasn’t an option.
Choosing to sell Crochet items and patterns was a great fit both time wise and space wise. All I needed was an area for my yarn and laptop. I worked on my patterns once the boys were in bed and sold some odds’n’ends along the way.

I now have another shop Offthehookphotoprops where I list a few items that I really enjoy making. Special mention here to OopsIknititagain for helping with the name.

So take into consideration the time, money and space you have to work with. If setting up is a chore every time this will infringe on your production time and you may not be working as efficiently as you could be.

Well what I would say here is that expect to spend money and not necessarily make any in the beginning anyway. I was pretty frugal here. I did not invest in many extras till much later. Basically I paid for my listings and my yarn. However as most crafty people will agree it is very easy to overspend when investing in your favoured craft.

As your business grows expect to spend more time doing other things other than crafting. I would say I easily spend at least 6 hours a day doing something related to my business. It could be staying in touch with customers, reading the forums, organizing my work space, jotting down ideas (always keep a note pad handy if you are like me they will come and go in an instant), cleaning up my store, and finally crafting.

I made many items which were sent to photographers and those are basically a write off – no money made there (be sure to ready the section on professional photos)
I set goals for myself and would invest more money once those goals were met.

#1 Quality Materials whatever you are making will be far more impressive with quality materials. I see it all the time at craft shows. People buy cheap materials then spend hours at their craft why? Is your time and creation not worth it? Make your product the best it can be!

#2 would be my Blackberry – I love that I am alerted right away when I get a sale and that I can communicate with people immediately. I offer full support with all my patterns and if someone gets stuck or has a question for any reason it is nice to be able to respond quickly.

#3 best investments would be purchasing my domain name which I forward to my Etsy store. It is short and really easy to remember.

#1 Cheap yarn! Spend the money and buy good supplies – people are paying for what they expect to be quality items. Now I have yarn that I will never use. If your supplies are expensive work it into the price it will be worth it in the end.

#2 Would probably be my business cards – only though, because I sell patterns which are emailed – what was I thinking? I spent $60 glossing them up printing on the back side matching fridge magnets etc. Man does my fridge look good! Lol

#3 Items sent to photographers at n/c don’t do this – see the next section.

How to Make a Barn Quilt – Time to Paint

In the first post on Barn Quilts I told you about how to frame the wood and get the boards ready to paint.  Now we’re moving onto the more colorful side of things – painting!

I knew my color scheme was going to be bright – orange, purple, yellow and red.  When I went to the store I chose colors right at the bottom of each swatch for greatest impact – Jack O’ Lantern, King’s Robe, Bumblebee, and Poppy.

Normally I would start by painting the lightest color first but since I’m going to be crawling all over this quilt I wanted to start in the center and move my way to the edges – so I started with Jack O’ Lantern.

How to make a barn quilt

I have to paint four coats of each color.  This was a bit challenging with the crazy level of humidity we’ve had in Wisconsin this year.

How to make a barn quilt

But I just took my time and the paint ended up looking great.

How to make a barn quilt

One thing I learned about during this process is Frog tape.  It works better than the blue Painter’s Tape at creating smooth, straight lines.  I switched over to it for King’s Robe.

How to make a barn quilt

How to make a barn quilt

How to make a barn quilt

I’m not really sure why I chose to do Poppy before Bumblebee, but I did.

and I think it looks great.

How to make a barn quilt

I was down to the last color and the humidity went absolutely crazy.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get the frog tape to stick to the wood – not good.  So, I pulled out my trusty blue painter’s tape and it did the job.  The lines weren’t quite as perfect as the frog tape would have done, but remember – this is going to be observed from a distance – they won’t notice a few imperfections.

How to Make a Barn Quilt – Time to Paint

Four coats of paint and a few hours of wait time later – I pulled the last tape off to see what I created!  I think it’s going to look fantastic at our apple orchard.

Putting time and efforts in doing something with your own ideas and time for your business is really special and it creates many memories. My painting work also depicted this. See the related internet page for more such posts. It not alone creates memories but is a creative experience and ultimately a learning for me.

My next, and final post, on making Barn Quilts will show how we mounted it to our barn – the last phase of this project.

7 Things You Wish You’d Known When You First Started Selling On Etsy

After selling on Etsy for several years, I learned a lot of things that I wish I had known when I first started.

Learning about trades and trading is a never-ending process and there would always be something new and fresh for all traders to know and learn here. This further information is important to help the traders have a successful trading experience. So every trader is a learner here irrespective of the number of years of experience he has in this field.

So I’ve compiled a list of those things that might help the beginner, and perhaps everyone else too.

1: Get your shop policies and profile filled out first. I think it’s best if this is done before you even start listing items. If you’ve already listed items don’t worry, you can still do this.
If you are not sure what to put in your policies, it might be helpful to look at other’s who have theirs filled out to get some ideas.

Some things  you should put in your policies are information regarding shipping methods and times, how long your handling times are before the items are shipped, how soon you get back to convos, payments methods you accept, allergy information if you are making bath and body, cosmetic, food, etc. whether or not pets are in your home and may effect your products, whether or not you do custom orders, etc. anything else about your shop that customers may be interested in knowing.
Your shop will look much more professional with these details in your policies.

The majority of customers I have spoken too state they appreciate profiles that are filled out. You don’t have to share personal information that you don’t want people knowing, but it’s nice to give a few details about yourself, what inspires you to create, etc.

2: Fill in your shop announcement. Many customers have said they do not like to have to scroll down long shop announcements to get to the products, so keep it brief.
Give a few brief details about your shop and what you sell. This is also where you can mention if you are having a sale or special discounts.

3: Optimize your shop for the search engines. Your shop announcement is a great opportunity for search engine optimization. This means you put important keywords and key phrases that people would use to perform google searches for what you sell.
A good way to determine the best key phrases for your products is to imagine what phrases you would use to search for what you are selling. If you include these details, google will be more likely to pick up your shop later on in the future.

4: Once you start listing your items, make sure you give good descriptions, It’s tempting to make it brief and super simple, and while brief shop announcements are good, not so much with item descriptions.

(Crocheted Football Bookmark for men and boys by Joyous Treasures)

Item descriptions are where you need to include important information about your item.
Customers cannot see or feel your item in person, so you need to include every detail you can think of to help your customer determine whether or not this item is right for them.
Include details about color, size, materials, functions, etc.

I also recommend including both inches and cm in the measurement details, so people all around the world can understand what size your item is.

Make sure you include key phrases for google to pick up. People often use search strings that include color and style, so make sure you include those details in your product descriptions.

For example “This beautiful handmade lariat necklace is made with light bronze glass pearls and golden topaz gemstones, and completed with a sterling silver magnetic clasp.”
When someone searches for a necklace of lariat design and golden or bronze colors, your item is much more likely to be found with details like that.

5: Tagging. Oh yes, tagging! Start with the most important tags first. First choose your top level category. In my case, crochet. Next I start tagging, using the most important tags (which are usually also the broadest). With my bookmarks the first tag is of course, bookmark, then flower, and then I start using “detail” tags, colors, shapes, purposes, etc.

These tags will help you be found even more, because people often use detailed search terms to help them find exactly what they want.

6: Photos are important. I won’t go into detail about taking a good photo with good lighting in this post, but I will tell you your photos are key in helping your customers understand what your item will be like in real life.
Your first photo should be the most appealing one, as this is the one that will be used as a thumbnail when customers are browsing Etsy.

Additional photos should show more details, different angles, and perhaps one photo could be used to help the customer determine what the size will be like. I like to use a book to display my bookmarks, this works really well for me.
Others like to use objects such as a quarter, tape measure, mannequin etc.

(Paige Bloomin’ Button Pendant Necklace by Kats Jewelry Box)

7: Brand yourself! Branding yourself involves making yourself recognizable. There are many things that involve branding but a few of those things are revolving your shop around a theme, taking photos that have a common theme, your shop name, a logo, etc.

A great example is the shop, Clock Work Jungles. Clock Work Jungle’s shop is very easy to recognize. I love how everything seems to revolve around a clockwork theme. One might come across one of these items in the search engine and say, “I bet I know who made that! That looks like something Clock Work Jungles would make!”

Another good example is the shop, A Common Thread. I love how everything coordinates with this shop. The items and photos all share a common theme, making this shop easy to recognize.

If you make a variety of items, and therefore cannot revolve around a common theme, try using similar backgrounds and photography style for them all. Also creating a logo for your shop can be very helpful to branding. People will often recognize you by the logo you use.

And there you have it! Those are the things I wish I knew when I first started. I hope this post helps you if you are new to selling online, and if you’re not new, I hope it helps you anyway!

How Many Etsy Treasuries Are You Featured In?

Finding out how many Etsy treasuries your shop  is featured in is simple.  Just head over to the Etsy Treasury and look for the search function pictured below:

If you are a person with handmade crafts as a hobby, then the Etsy group is your solution to get more serious into this business. When you need to find a large customer range to know about your product when you are selling it and also about the different types of crafts you deal the group is the best to be a part of continue reading. Making your hobby as a source of income is simple and to become well known in this field is also very quick paced with this group.

It was created by a team of such similar interested people who came with this solution to cater to a large group. The effective success is measured by the successful growth of this venture.

Online business has taken a big role to develop many businesses and take them to the next level, finding target customers is an easy part in this way.making money from such small creative art can take you to a proper business experience.there many features of these groups which support every such individual:

Some of the extraordinary benefits of such business groups can be;

  1. Combined learning of many new ideas and thoughts from a large group of people.
  2. They get to be part of workshops and seminars for the knowledge of how to develop the business.
  3. They also get customer feedback which will be helpful to create better ideas and know how to customize as per customer requirement.
  4. They get to be on the top rated Etsy group online and fetch more credit for their hobby.
  5. New models of the same business ideas will be exhaustively used.

With the development of technology, a lot has been brought into use in the current era. There is convenient and quick access to the necessary stuff related to the business we deal in. also from being part of many groups we get the knowledge of more about the area of our interest.


etsy treasury search

Type full Etsy shop name in the search and hit the search button.

Etsy treasury search

Now you will see how many Etsy treasuries your shop is featured in!

Curating An Etsy Treasury – Simple Step By Step Instructions

One of my favorite things to do in my ‘free’ time is curate treasuries on etsy.  I will start with the saying that I’m no expert and have only had a few make it to the front page but I pride myself in my curations – sometimes they’re quirky, themed on a silly item like a penguin, bright and colorful, rustic and farm-esque.  I just enjoy the process of searching through etsy to find just the right item to include to make the perfect display.

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I know the joy I feel when I’m featured in a treasury and I hope that my treasuries bring the same to those that I include.

Treasury East has pretty much taken over the treasury world on etsy.  I’m semi-happy with this new system and I pretty much understand why they made the switch but I have to admit I still miss the rush I got from getting my title in just in time the old way with Main Treasury and Treasury West.

I am going to go through how I curate a treasury, my thought process and certain tools and tricks I use.

how to make an etsy treasury

The first thing to do is open up the Poster Sketch in Etsy.  You can create your treasury directly into the Treasury East but then you run the risk of losing it if your computer closes on you or etsy has a glitch during that time frame.  Also, I’ve learned that it’s much easier to move your items around in the Poster Sketch mode to the way the look best together.

The next thing I do is usually find one item to use as my inspiration.  I looked in my favorites to see what has recently caught my eye.  This helps save me time from searching randomly through etsy to find an item.

how to make an etsy treasury

I have decided to start with this painting – Cherry Snow Flowers from Amborela.

So I go to the lower right of the listing and copy the Listing # and paste it into my Poster Sketch.

I could go a couple of directions with this as my starting point – the painting reminds me of poppies so I could make an entire collection of poppies, or I could go with a red and white treasury, or create a treasury with colors that either compliment or contrast with the red.  I’ll do a little searching and see what happens – I usually let my treasuries decide their own way…

This is one of the spots that I tend to think of my teams.  It’s always nice to incorporate some teammates into my treasuries to help support those that support me.  To do this, I’ll type in my team tag and what I’m searching for – I’ll start by searching – “poppies etteam”.

Quite a few good ones pop up – I’ll add them into my poster sketch…

how to make an etsy treasury

Now let’s see what other interesting poppy inspired work is out there – maybe a quilt?  I’ll search ‘poppy quilt’ next.

how to curate an etsy treasury

I really like to mix up the media that I feature in my treasuries so let’s see if we can find some cool things in ‘poppy pottery’.

making an Etsy treasury

Now I’ll just go for a general search poppy and see what I can find.  I sometimes will click every fifth or fourth page when hundreds come up.  As I’m organizing my the items that catch my eye I try to make the first three spots very eye appealing and “click-worthy”.  Items that if I saw I would want to see more – this is a way to get non-featured people into your treasuries and keep it ‘hot’ longer.

etsy treasury tutorial

I have my Poster Sketch put together – now I just have to copy and paste the Listing #’s into the actual Treasury east.

edit an etsy treasury

I do this easily by clicking the blue ‘edit’ button on each listing in the Poster Sketch.

edit an etsy treasury

edit an etsy treasury

Now that the images are in all I have left to do is fill in the title (1), the description (2) and the tags (3).

edit an etsy treasury

I love that etsy has added tags to their treasury system – now a buyer can treat them like the gift guides and search treasuries for things they want to buy.

edit an etsy treasury

One last step to make your treasury – click the ‘save’ button in the bottom right of the treasury page.  Walla – you have created a beautiful treasury!

Items I featured in my treasury – Perfectly Poppies

top row – left to right

  • Original Painting – 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas – Cherry Snow Flowers from Amborela
  • Spain Poppy butterfly summer 3/20 from rupydetequila
  • Poppy Flower Bowl from PrinceDesignUK
  • Poppies Field 5 Decorative poppy flowers on a stand hand made from theJoyofColor

second row – left to right

  • Poppies Ikebana – original linocut watercolor mixed media from artwatercolor
  • Poppy baby quilt/wall art- ”three poppies”- in red, pink, orange and yellow from moonspiritstudios
  • Set of Two 16×16 inch Designer Pillow Covers – By Laura Gunn for Michael Miller, Big Poppy Aqua. Pillow Case, Cushion Cover, Pillow Cover from thislittlehome
  • TorbusCo REACH For It Recycled Magnetic LOCKET SET By Polarity from polarity

third row – left to right

  • Orange Brooch from azulado
  • Handmade Original Beaded Charm Bracelet – Art Deco Poppy from KIMMSMITH
  • RASYA Antiqued Rust Red Silk Poppy Flower Necklace from AngelBlackDesigns
  • orange poppies square from leapinggazelle

bottom row – left to right

  • 6 pieces Organza Flowers RED POPPY from supplier
  • Poppy from AJCARTWORK
  • Red Hot Enamel Poppies Hook Earrings from jewelrybynatsuko
  • Poppy Cake Platter from dahlhaus

Top Ten Reasons Why Handmade Spark Is Good For Your Etsy Business

Handemade Spark Top 10

Top Ten Reasons Why Handmade Spark Is Good For Your Etsy Business:

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1. The combination of your Etsy shop and Handmade Spark can bring you more traffic and sales than trying to market on multiple marketplaces

2. We get SEO results that you probably can’t get on your own

3. We have a social network that is probably larger than your own

4. You will have more time to create new items

5. You will have more time to perfect your product photography

6. You will have more time to focus on customer service

7. You will have more time to connect with the Etsy community

8. You will be able to focus on perfecting your brand

9. You might be happier not dealing with SEO all the time

10. You will have more time to spend with your family, your friends or
to obsess about Etsy

Use Handmade Spark to boost your traffic, visibility on social networks, and search engine rank. Have more time to design and create! Read more about what exactly Handmade Spark is here.