Fun NonTraditional Purple Blue Green Teal Peacock Wedding Invitation and…

Fun NonTraditional Purple Blue Green Teal Peacock Wedding Invitation and Response Set
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  • Fun NonTraditional Purple Blue Green Teal Peacock Wedding Invitation and Response Set
  • Fun NonTraditional Purple Blue Green Teal Peacock Wedding Invitation and Response Set
  • Fun NonTraditional Purple Blue Green Teal Peacock Wedding Invitation and Response Set

About the Item

Looking for the most perfect peacock themed wedding invitation. THIS IS IT!!

I don’t think this adorable peacock couple could get any cuter!! The bright and colorful feathers certainly help create the most perfect wedding ensemble!

REMEMBER: Everything in my shop can be customized to YOUR exact needs. Never hesitate to ask about making any personal changes. (These changes may add additional fees, just depending) I LOVE CUSTOM ORDERS!!!!

The sample includes the following:
1- 5″x7″ wedding invite with perfectly fitted white envelope
1- 4.25 x 5.5 double-sided postcard rsvp that takes a .28 postcard stamp and requires no envelope
1- 5 x 3 reception card

Each invite set costs $5.50. If you purchase this sample and eventually decide to go with me, I will credit the initial $5.50 you paid for the sample set towards your final total. I do require a 50% deposit before I start printing anything, so once you notify me that you would like to place an order and the number of invites you need, I will then finalize the total cost and put up a reserved listing for you to purchase on Etsy as your deposit/ downpayment.

Once you purchase the initial deposit listing, you can then email me the wording/details you’d like put on the invite. From the time I receive these details, it will take me about 2-3 days to come up with a proof which I will then email to you for approval. You are then entitled to three minor revisions.

Once approved it will take me about 7-10 business days to produce the actual invites, afterwhich I put up another listing for the balance and shipping costs. After you purchase this listing, then I pack them up and ship them out to you 🙂

ALSO REMEMBER: This set has matching envelopes sealers, address labels, escort cards, programs, table numbers, and seating charts. Don’t hesitate to ask to see an email sample!

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Thanks for looking!
— Chrissy

Patience: The Art of Not Giving Up When Selling Online

It’s tempting when selling in an online world to just give up. There’s much to learn and the curve is huge. The allure of making easy money and “quitting your day job” lends itself to frustration when instant success is not achieved. There is an art to selling online and one of the key ingredients is practicing patience. If you’re looking to get rich quick, this world is probably not for you.


Rustic Wood Chalkboard | $28 | Roxy Heart Vintage

Just as you hone your craft over time, so must you hone your skills as an online seller. Taking the time to learn the basics – SEO and Social Media – will not only improve your sales but will also boost your confidence. Selling on the web can be overwhelming – there’s just so much out there. But for the very same reason, selling on the web can be turned almost into a science. Learning the skills and using the plethora of tools already available will allow you to focus on being an artists first and a salesperson second.

With all that being said, the hardest to learn is the art of patience. Success does not always happen overnight. Be persistent, make what you love, learn the skills, use the tools and the rest will follow.  As a maker of beautiful and useful things it’s easy to get frustrated – why can’t the world see and appreciate your work? Here is where that patience comes in – they will!

Getting noticed in a sea of other sellers is not always an easy task but it can be done. Learning the difference between places like Etsy and being a member of Handmade Spark is an important, but critical, step. Etsy focuses on items – we focus on you – the sellers. Whether it’s offering advice and tools to boost your sales and productivity or great SEO behind our pages, our mission is to get you noticed.

Understanding our goals and our methods is easiest done by reading Handmade Spark, Then, Now and Soon.  Amber does and excellent job of breaking down our process and the SEO behind the scenes that get our members found.  We cannot give you patience but we can give you the tools you need.  Below is a critical list of things you need to know and things you need to do in order to succeed.

The Handmade Spark FAQ
Times are Tough: Should you cut back on your publicity efforts?
How To Add Google Analytics Tracking To Your Handmade Spark Account
Title Changes for Etsy Listings
Totally Useful Etsy Apps
Organization Skills for Profitable Artists and Crafters
Social Marketing Video for Handmade Businesses: Sister Diane
Quick! The holidays are coming and I have to start marketing online!
What messages are you (unconsciously) sending on Twitter?

These are just a few of the ever increasing number of useful articles we offer to help you achieve your goals as an online seller. Remember, it won’t happen overnight but it can happen. Keep reading, keep learning and keep creating!

Tutorial: Making Unique Gift Tags By Handmade Spark Member Irina Sztukowski

With this unique cute gift tag you can personalize any gift you would like.

For this project I will recommend to have the following things ready:

– Yarn (any color and any thickness)
– Hole Puncher or any sharp object that can punch holes and has flat top
– Small hammer
– Crochet Hook
– Image printed on the hard paper
– Old cutting board

Punch holes along the sides of the image.  Note: if the yarn thick enough you can punch the holes far away from each other. I had them 1/2 inch apart:

You can verify if the holes are big enough by turning the card or just see through:
Take the yarn and pull the first loop through the top middle hole.Verification helps us to find out whether something is as claimed or not. There are many online platforms that claims to give you great results, but never join without verifying. Qprofit is one of the legit systems, that is here since long, giving as promised returns. They are genuine and has been verified.

The step by step chart is drawn down below (refer to it if the pictures are a little bit confusing for you)

After the fist loop is done, pull another loop through the first one:
When this is done you will need to place the hook into the hole again and pull another loop in order to have two loops on the hook. When second loop is pulled, grab it with the hook and pull it through the first loop ( again; if this is too confusing; go ahead and refer to the chart down below):
You will need to have two loops in each hole except the corner holes. Place four loops into the corner holes for better look:
When getting closer to the end of the pattern; make sure you will leave a pretty long end. To finish the pattern you will need to make an extra loop with the hook and pull it in order to make a long end.
Cut the end that you have plenty on both side to make them long enough to either make a pretty bow or attach to the gift:
Your very cute personal gift tag is ready. You can write a message on the back side or just place ” TO:_____ FROM:_____” on the back of it:
Here is a little chart that will help you to learn how to chrochet the yarn into the holes of the print:

I have placed my Gift Tags under Gifts and Gift Ideas section of my Shop.Be creative! And have a great Handmade Day!


Rugged iphone 4s case

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Rugged IPhone 4S Case
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  • Rugged IPhone 4S Case
  • Rugged IPhone 4S Case
  • Rugged IPhone 4S Case

About the Item

On Back Order. I expect to have more cases in this style next Monday. Check back soon or reserve one now by your purchase. Thanks!

Designed to protect your IPhone 4S in a patent pending new way. Great protection for your smart phone from everyday accidents and they look good too!

This is not an ordinary Iphone case. It is a highly engineered product like no other.

Your IPhone 4S is encased in a shock and vibration absorbing anodized aluminum structure. All controls and ports are easily accessable. Graphics on back are laser engraved for durability.

This case is one of my favorite color combinations. The natural silver color of the anodized aluminum and the orange liner have a futuristic quality in your hand. People will ask you where did you get that? Very attention getting. People love these cases, especially this one.

Works with AT&T;,Verizon, and Sprint, Black and White versions.

My cases are built to Military Standard 810-G of autobody grade anodized aluminum panels. Very durable. I also use computer and radio frequency (RF) design principals to make the cases compatible with the performance of your IPhone. They are tough yet fun and attractive. Super lightweight and compact. Extremely tactile in a good way. A solid grip on your phone is assured.

My cases have many unique properties… 100% nonconductive, nonmagnetic, noncorrosive, nontoxic, energy efficient manufacturing, recyclable. As enviromentally friendly as possible for the entire product life cycle, product and packageing.

Using a variety of hand finishing techniques the cases have a luxurious tactile quality that very well complements the high performance characteristics of the cases. More art than design here.

Designed in my DUMBO, Brooklyn studio they are fully tested on the streets of New York City and beyond.

USA Sales Only. Free Shipping. Normally ships same day of order by tracked USPS Priority mail. Special shipping arrangements not a problem. Express shipping available.

Made In USA.

Shy Boo – Amigurumi Crochet Plush Toy Inspired by Super Mario Bros

Shy Boo - Amigurumi Crochet Plush Toy Inspired by Super Mario Bros
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  • Shy Boo - Amigurumi Crochet Plush Toy Inspired by Super Mario Bros
  • Shy Boo - Amigurumi Crochet Plush Toy Inspired by Super Mario Bros
  • Shy Boo - Amigurumi Crochet Plush Toy Inspired by Super Mario Bros

About the Item

Remember playing Mario games? Boo, the not-so-friendly ghost was all up in your business, about to attack and THEN…

… you looked at him.

You’d think he was being flirted with or something by the way be turned around and blushed!

Help Shy Boo find his happy place again. 😀

Here to own for your very own is Shy Boo from Super Mario. Made out of soft acrylic yarn and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill, Shy Boo is as snuggly as can be.

He stands a full 6 inches tall with his cute little hands trying to quickly hide his flushed expression. His cute little blushing cheeks, eyes and frown are hand-cut from Eco-Felt (made of 100% recycled plastic bottles) and securely attached to his adorable face.

If you like our Shy Boo, you may also like our Boo who was featured in the pictures with him:

All items shipped USPS First Class Mail (3-5 days within US, 6-10 days outside US) within 72 hours of receiving payment.

If you’d like to upgrade to USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate, please convo me here:

For more information regarding our Shipping Polcies, please visit our Shop Policies page here:

Check out more promos, new items and contests on our Fan Page:

Thanks so much for visiting !

Laser Eyes: Cards, T-Shirts and Prints for your Inner Superhero

Laser eyes are gonna get you! Don’t turn your back on these quirky Etsy finds. You never know if a rogue kitten or angry chicken is out on the prowl. You can show off your laser power with these cards, prints, t-shirts or even warn your food stealing roomie with a refrigerator magnet.

Your mind reflects the way you present yourself in front of the world, a gloomy day is dressed up with a boring t shirt and over stretched pair of jean, come Friday and one dresses up vibrantly as they have the whole weekend for themselves, the bright neon colored sports shoes, perfect yet casual jeans, and the laser shooting printed T-shirt, that’s the way to welcome the end of a five day long work week. The laser eye cat t shirt, or a rainbow colored one, it actually lets out laser beams once a person wears it and goes out for a Friday fiesta!

The soft cotton material fits perfectly and the party starts. The phenomenal change of the most desired piece of clothing for all ages has captured a high percentage of wear ability and demand from all age groups with makeovers which have embraced this form of 3 dimensional art and creative form in terms of different prints, on clothes and cards which are always in demand for the bright colors captured through laser beams.

The handmade items which are made from eco friendly water based ink are heat resistant and can be washed in machine without any harm on the laser prints. The sophisticated use of technology and art is how new innovations are being done, gives the best and honest review on the fully automated forex trading robot for the people who want create a niche in the financial; markets without having high degree of exposure to the financial instruments and stock exchanges.

The creator of this auto trading software open source platform has partnered with a quantum physicist who was a part of ambitious projects to create a platform to trade in the lucrative forex currency trading which is always a matter of interest for many, but who are not aware of how to trade and reap the benefits, in the volatile markets.

laser kitten

Kitten Lasers Greeting Card | $5 | Nowvember

laser shark

Baby Laser Shark | $15 | idrawstuff

laser fox

Laser Fox Shirt | $24 | forwardcollective

laser chicken

Watch Out for the Laser Eyed Chicken | $4 | FranticMeerkat

laser cat

Laser Cat Hoodie | $40 | SquidInkCollective

laser ali

Laser Ali T-shirt | $24 | ForwardCollective

laser robot

Robot Print Laser Eyes | $60 | gabelanza

An Etsy Sale: What Happens Next on the Seller Side?

Harlequin Garnet Crystal Earrings

Here’s the dreamed of scenario for any Etsy seller: log on and open your e-mail and lo and behold, there is an Etsy Transaction notification! So. . . What happens next?

Well, it may be a little different depending on the seller, the product, and so on. So I’ll have to shift now to my own limited experience with sales on Beaded Jewelry by Susan. First, I have to tell my husband David:

“David, guess what?”
“We just got an Etsy sale!!!”
“That’s great!. Are you going to feed the cats now?”

Okay, the next step is to see if there is a PayPal payment notification e-mail. If not, I frown and worry a bit and then send off an e-mail (and a convo, just to be sure) to the buyer with instructions about how to re-access the Purchases page and click on the Button for PayPal payment to go through. I also send a “convo” as we call it on Etsy, using their Conversation messenging system. (For additional tips about convos, please see this Handmade Spark post from Febuary.)

I am an ardent and a vigorous trader who inculcated all the knowledge and developed interest in this field just in the course of time. There was actually nothing that inspired me to take this up but it happened to me casually. Read more about this field; may be there is something for you in store.

Sometimes it seems that buyers do not understand that the checkout for Etsy is a two-stage process: they need to click on the PayPal button. For my shop, I only accept PayPal. I do just two local shows per year and my online sales don’t happen very often [yet, she said—full of hope], so I don’t accept credit cards directly because the companies charge fees every month. However, customers can pay for any of my jewelry using PayPal or the credit cards that PayPal accepts.

Etsy buyers do not have to be PayPal members in order to make a purchase. PayPal does not require them to set up an account to purchase from my Etsy store. They can simply make the payment using their own credit card, and PayPal acts as a go-between.

If there is notification, I smile and send an e-mail and a convo to the buyer. So what’s in the e-mail? First of all, I always include a thank you for purchasing the jewelry (name the item) at my shop (name my shop) and express the wish that the buyer will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed designing it.

Then I tell the person when I will be shipping the item. I usually also ask if he or she would leave feedback on the shop site after receiving the package. I always include the URLs for my shop and my blog.

Next I print out the Etsy transaction e-mail and check to see if the address is the same on the PayPal e-mail. If the addresses don’t match up, I e-mail the buyer again to verify where to ship). Printing out the transaction page gives me a paper copy to use for addressing the mailing package, a place to write a few personal words of thanks, and a copy of the shipping address to enclose inside the mailer in case of postal damage.

I go to my Etsy shop and click on “Sold,” and then I add a quick feedback note of thanks to the buyer, maybe including an “Appreciation Photo” of some more jewelry the buyer might like or maybe a picture of me. If I have time, I might do a quick Twitter note exclaiming about having a sale!

Next I head for my inventory of jewelry and hunt down the lucky item for the lucky buyer and prepare it for mailing, including a business card of course, and lots of bubble wrap. I remember to put a return address label on the mailer and to include the e-mail printout inside with the shipping address. All of my jewelry is shipped without cost to the buyer. I do that partly because I don’t like to pay for shipping when I shop online. But of course that is a personal choice of each seller.

Then we make a trip (sometimes, I admit, a little later in the day when we’re going out anyway to grocery shop or something like that) to the local post office, just a handful of blocks north in downtown Urbana, where David reminds the postal clerk not to put the package through the machine and mash it!

I follow-up with an e-mail letting the buyer know that I have mailed the package. And finally: I can walk around all day (at least) with that warm glow of knowing that something I’ve created has been shared, is probably going to be enjoyed, and has even been paid for! Yeah!

~Susan Campanini

Shop Advice from a SASsy Seller: Exceptional Customer Service

Shop Advice from a SASsy Seller: Exceptional Customer ServiceSandie’s back with this week’s post to help Etsy sellers become DIY business superstars! This is our 3rd post in an ongoing series of articles by aformentioned Etsy veteran Sandie Russo, Captain of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team and the SASsy Critique Forum, and proud owner of two Etsy shops: and

Sandie’s column investigates the issues she sees most often in the course of providing critiques for Etsy shops so that Handmade Spark readers can understand the ins and outs of becoming a star Etsy seller.

Exceptional Customer Service

One of the things I love the most about buying handmade is the incredible customer service I get from the wonderful Etsy shops that I choose to buy from.

The customer back up team that works with the crypto code trading platform is unparalleled for there is support and response all the time. The best part is all the team members who work here have the basic trading knowledge and they give us help and solutions at the right time.

Everything from quick e-mails  acknowledging my purchase, to pretty packaging, and heartfelt thank you notes.  Here is a list of my favorite customer service tips to impress your buyers and keep them coming back for more.

1) As quickly as possible, acknowledge a sale with a conversation or email letting the buyer know you’ve received their order.  Ask if they have any questions, and let them know when you will be shipping.

2) Take a minute to check the shipment for their order to be sure it is the best bargain you can offer on shipping.  If you find you can give them shipping at a lower rate, do so and give them a refund on the overage.

3)  If your buyer bought 2 or more items from you and they missed a special bargain you offer for combined items – be sure to adjust their order and offer the refund.  Go the extra mile to give them the best deals you can.

4)  Be sure to package your item as nicely as possible.  Pretty tissue paper and some ribbon always make me feel like I’m opening a special gift, and your buyers will feel the same way.

5) Offer extras.  Little extras are an unexpected surprise that will turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.  Anything from some stickers, extra ribbons, a small sample of something else you sell, a piece of salt water taffy (yes there is a buyer that does this, and I love ordering fabric from her!), to 10% off coupons for future orders.  Buyers love a little treat!

6)  Always say thank you.  You can write it on the back of a business card, or have specially printed notes that you include.  But good manners are never out of fashion, and there is nothing like a sincere thank you note.

Every single one of the customer service suggestions mentioned above, has actually  happened to me when shopping on Etsy.   And the sellers that offered me that stellar customer service keep me loyal as a customer, and inspire me to give the same kind of customer service to my buyers!  I hope it inspires you to do the same.

PHOTO CREDITS: Image {Customer Service} courtesy of Creative Commons License via nffcnnrphotostream –


Sandie RussoAbout the author: Sandie Russo is a 3+ year Etsy veteran with 2 shops, KnitzyBlonde and ZaftigDelights, and is the Captain of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team and the SASsy Critique Forum.



Shop Advice from a SASsy Seller: Custom Orders

Shop Advice from a SASsy Seller: Custom Orders -

Welcome back to our ongoing series of articles by Etsy veteran Sandie Russo, Captain of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team and the SASsy Critique Forum, and proud owner of two Etsy shops: and

Sandie’s column investigates the issues she sees most often in the course of providing critiques for Etsy shops so that Handmade Spark readers can understand the ins and outs of becoming a star Etsy seller.

Trading also has a redressal forum wherein you are free to seek suggestions and advices from expert traders. These experts would also extend their help when you are trading on a reliable trading platform like the CryptoCFDTrader and would safeguard you at times of dire need. So seek their help whenever necessary.

Taking Custom Orders

As an Etsy seller, one of your better “bread and butter” categories can be custom orders.  I have gained some of my most loyal repeat customers by making myself available for custom orders. In fact, many Etsy sellers were saddened when Alchemy was removed from Etsy’s website. So when Handmade Spark added an option for a Custom Orders button in the Mini-site settings, I was on board! Custom orders are a great way to expand your customer base, and your skill set, by trying new projects that you wouldn’t take on otherwise.

But many Etsy sellers aren’t comfortable taking custom orders, and miss out on a huge opportunity to grow their Etsy business. If you are one of those reluctant sellers, are you avoiding custom orders because you are intimidated by the process of doing custom items?  Let me share with you my process of handling custom orders in the hopes it will inspire you to do the same.

Take the Time to Understand the Order

When a buyer contacts you to ask if you can accommodate their custom order, take the time to have as many phone conversations or emails as necessary to figure out exactly what they want and are looking for.  Ask them for photos, or color swatches if it helps to make things clear.  You can provide them with color swatches and photos also if necessary.  Also be sure to be clear about the time frame that the buyer needs the item.  Sometimes (usually close to the holidays) you may have to disappoint someone by saying “No.” – but be clear that this is only because you cannot accommodate their time frame.

Ask Yourself If You Can Really Do This Job

Once you are clear about what the buyer is look to have made (and the time frame needed), ask yourself if you are confident that you can do the job.  And there is no shame in saying no, if you can’t.  In all honesty there are times that I wish I had said “no” on a custom order I wasn’t totally comfortable doing.  (But I took the order because I felt sorry for the person and wanted to help them out.)  So learn from my mistakes, and if you are not 100% comfortable doing this custom job, then politely decline. (But do be polite, because it’s possible down the line that you might feel ready to take on that job after all.)

Clearly Communicate The Order Details

If you are ready to handle the custom order, spell out the custom order in an email like it is a contract.  Detail what you are making, what the colors or materials are to be, what the sizing is, and any pertinent info.  Photos are also good for clarity.  And include how long it will take you to make.  Quote the price, and how you want to be paid, and send it to the buyer for their approval and confirmation.

Get Payed Before Starting

Payment.  If the item is something that will take you less than a month to make up, and less than $200 to make, I highly recommend in getting the full amount (plus shipping) up front.  If it is a more expensive item or takes longer to make, you can request half down, and then the balance before shipping.  But, NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) order products in for, or start on a custom order without up front money.  I’ve seen too many Etsy sellers burned this way.

Use Etsy Tools To Simplify Your Life (And Protect Yourself)

Set up your custom listing – have the buyer purchase the item, and then begin your project.  Stay in touch with the buyer during the process to let them know how things are going, and drop them a note when you ship.  Good communication is always important.  Deliver the item promptly as promised, and you should have a loyal and happy customer!

Wondering how to activate your Custom Order button? Log in to your account and click to edit your Mini-site. Scroll till you see a button that says “I do custom orders” and check that box. Save out of that page and you’re all set! Here’s how it will look on your mini-site:

Handmade Spark Custom Order button - Mini-site detail

Handmade Spark Custom Order button – Mini-site detail


PHOTO CREDITS: Image {Needle The Tailor, Am Still on the Mend, 1906} courtesy of Creative Commons License via DominusVobiscum photostream –

Shop Advice From a SASsy Seller: Exchanges and Refunds - Headshot of Sandie RussoAbout the author: Sandie Russo is a 3+ year Etsy veteran with 2 shops, and, and is the Captain of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team and the SASsy Cri

Shop Advice from a SASsy Seller: Refunds and Exchanges

Shop Advice from a SASsy Seller: Refunds and Exchanges - - image of yellow No Refund sign

Welcome to the first in a series of articles by Etsy veteran Sandie Russo, Captain of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team and the SASsy Critique Forum, and proud owner of two Etsy shops: and

Sandie’s column will investigate the most common issues she sees in the course of providing critiques for Etsy shops, and help Handmade Spark readers understand the ins and outs of becoming a star Etsy seller.

Are you prepared to Refund and/or Exchange?

One of the things that makes buying handmade items so much fun is that (generally) the customer service is second to none. Some sellers wrap their packages in pretty paper and enclose thank you notes. Others include coupons with a discount for the next time you shop.

But what happens when a customer needs an exchange or refund? It’s important to ask yourself, “What is my shop’s policy on refunds and exchanges?”

With trading there is absolutely nothing like this refund for once money is gone, it is gone forever. Traders need to be cautious and careful especially while trading on crypto code always and should have an eye on the market to apply the stop loss option at the right time to safeguard their money.

When doing shop critiques, I find that that most refunds and exchange policies fall into one of these 3 categories.

1) The shop has no refund & exchange policy at all (i.e., it’s a totally blank page)
2)  The shop has a vague statement that says something like,  “Contact me if you are unhappy and we will work something out.”
3) The shop says flat out: “No refunds or exchanges!”

For sellers with no refund & exchange policy at all – that dreaded blank page – I only have this to say: “Get on the stick and write one!” As a prospective buyer I need to know these things.  It will instill confidence and encourage your visitors to purchase if they know that you are a professional ready to ensure that their shopping experience is safe and pleasant.

For the 2nd category: the “Contact me if you are unhappy…” solution is too ambiguous to help you sell items.  It’s not really enough to say “We’ll work something out.” Buyers want to know before they purchase from you what they are getting themselves into. They want to know exactly under what circumstances you will exchange the item, and under what circumstances you will provide a refund. It might not be your favorite part of the “job”, but handling refunds and exchanges professionally are a basic cost of doing business, and doing well in business.

The last category is actually the worst of the three options for a very simple reason: a policy like this is enough to turn a buyer away. In the era of online shopping, where Amazon and Zappos provide you return labels in the event stuff doesn’t fit – is it really wise to have a no exceptions no-return policy?  Ouch!

At this point you’re probably wondering what my shop’s refund and exchange policy is. The good news is, your policy can be very simple and straightforward. Here’s the policy I use:

“My goal is that you are completely delighted with your purchase.  However sometimes it is the wrong color/size or something else.  If you need to return your item, please contact me within 3 days of receipt so I can arrange an exchange or refund for you, and give you the address to return your item. ”

PHOTO CREDITS: Image {The land of “NO”} courtesy of Creative Commons licensce via Unlisted Sightings photostream –

Shop Advice From a SASsy Seller: Exchanges and Refunds - Headshot of Sandie RussoAbout the author: Sandie Russo is a 3+ year Etsy veteran with 2 shops, and, and is the Captain of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team and the SASsy Critique Forum