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Handmade Spark is a marketing service for Etsy sellers. Our job is to provide a platform that directs online shoppers your way at the exact moment that they are looking to spend money.

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“I have already been contacted through the Myspark mini-site and also made a sale , Thanks. Awesome work . ”

Catherinette Rings
“I just joined and received a custom order and 2 referrals from being listed on handmade spark. It is already worth every penny!”
Barbosa Art
“I am showing up high on Google for all kinds of keywords that I have not been targeting myself.”
  • Product Pages

    Product pages are stand-alone pages that highlight your products. They will often show up at the top of web searches, enabling new customers from around the world to find you. You can also share them with prospects and customers and use them as part of your marketing plan. See an example »
  • Mini-Site

    Your mini-site takes advantage of the social web, search engines, and gives you a centralized place that you can give to customers and prospects. From the mini-site people can check you out all across the web. See an example »
  • Social Marketing

    Behind the scenes, we are constantly promoting Handmade Spark on social sites like StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and more. We actively promote on our blog as well as on other blogs and sites across the Internet. Read more »
  • Directory

    Your directory listing has lots of interactive features that help people find you. People can browse the directory by category, location, or keywords and navigate directly to your mini-site as well as directly to your product pages. See the directory »
  • High Traffic

    You also get the advantage of all the traffic that Handmade Spark generates. This traffic directly results in high search engine rank, and gets you to the top of searches that match your content.
    See Quantcast profile »
  • Google Analytics

    Use your Google Analytics account to track all the activity on your Mini-site and Product pages. Learn about Google Analytics »

Setting up your Handmade Spark subscription is easy. All you have to do is sign up and your directory listing, mini-site, and individual product pages will automatically be created. You will be billed $6 per month and you can cancel at any time. Join Now »