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  • Recycled Garden Yard Art Totem - Tuscan Honey
  • Recycled Garden Yard Art Totem - Tuscan Honey
  • Recycled Garden Yard Art Totem - Tuscan Honey

About the Item

Le Jardin Colore’
“The Colorful Garden”
One of a Kind…Unique Garden Art

Summer, spring, winter or fall these garden totems will put a smile on your face. I make them from pieces I rescue from the thrift shop, resale, or antique store. The search for the perfect component is part of the fun. Assembled with love, wrapped and shipped with extreme care.

All of my totems are one of a kind. Since they are made with recycled pieces there may be a slight flaw or show some minor wear.

This one I call Tuscan Honey. The colors remind me of a sunny day in Italy on a Tuscan hillside. (Nope never been there but sure would love to go). The warm golden browns and orange coupled with the green accent base make a wonderful piece. I added the whimsy bee hive top and accented with a little bee coming from the hive.

Made from all ceramic pieces.

Standing at 20 1/2” it’s just the right height for your flower bed.

Shipping cost is based on weight, materials, insurance and delivery confirmation needed to send safely from my home to yours. No combined shipping on these delicate pieces.

I hope you get as much pleasure from displaying your garden totem as I did creating them.

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