How To Participate In the Bitcoin Revolution?

How To Participate In the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin is one of the most successful cryptocurrency to date. In this platform, new Bitcoins are created and verification of transactions happens through encryption technique. Let us discuss the steps to participate in this biggest financial revolution.

  1. Acquire Bitcoin

You can acquire Bitcoin in three simple ways of mining, buying and accepting bitcoin payments.

  1. A) Accept bitcoin payment

This is the easiest way of getting into the Bitcoin revolution. As an entrepreneur, you can accept Bitcoin as one of the payment modes through a merchant solution. In 2015 itself about 100,000 merchants started to accept bitcoin in their business through Bitcoin payment processor.

  1. B) Mining: this is another solution for getting into the revolution. Mining might be a little complex process for some people as it involves complex mathematical calculations and needs to have high power computers.
  2. C) Purchasing Bitcoin: You can purchase Bitcoin using cash and save it into a Bitcoin wallet. These wallets are nothing but a store where you can store your digital currency.
  3. Engage in service

Some of the business ideas are discussed below and these are already successful.

  1. a) Hardware wallet service: all the bitcoin owners needs this types of wallet to store their currency. It is somewhat similar to bank accounts; the difference is it is virtual. But hackers are the biggest threat to these wallets. So instead of saving your coins online, you can think of saving it in an offline wallet or cold storage.
  2. b) Payment processor: these have got substantial funding from venture capitalist to create services for payment processing. These are also known as Bitcoin exchange.
  3. Solution provider for Bitcoin acceptance

Today the biggest challenge that Bitcoin is facing is nonacceptance among nonuser. If you can work towards the spreading the knowledge about Bitcoin and make it accepted by the public, then you are a winner.

  1. Leverage the technology behind Bitcoin

The technology behind bitcoin is blockchain because of this Bitcoin has come into existence. Many financial institutions are looking blockchain as a secure, transparent to speed up the transactions and are looking forward to leveraging the technology.

An entrepreneur can use this opportunity to find new ways to leverage this technology for these institutions.

  1. Invest in Bitcoin

Invest in the bitcoin can be another option for you. If you are investment savvy you can find ways to make a profit through the volatile price of Bitcoin.


These are the five steps through which you can participate in the revolution but it is not risk-free, make sure you do proper research before getting into it. Click source to know more.