Handmade Spark is shutting down on December 31st, 2015.
Thank you for your support over the years! Best of luck with your Etsy shop.


What is Handmade Spark?

Handmade Spark is destination site for artists and a search engine optimized (SEO) marketing service for Etsy sellers. You design and inspire, we connect and promote to take your Etsy shop to the next level! Join Handmade Spark and fuel your creative process: get your own Mini-Site and product pages, and learn and connect with our Blog.


What does the Handmade Spark marketing service include?

Handmade Spark Mini-site - A mini-site that serves as a communications "hub" for all of your online locations, such as your blog, your website, Etsy shop, Facebook page, Twitter plus SEO packed product pages for your Etsy items. From the mini-site people can check you out all across the web. See an example here.

Handmade Spark Directory - A listing of all subscribers who have mini-sites on Handmade Spark, where sellers can be found by category or by location. See Directory here.

Handmade Spark Blog - Blog posts for users on Search Engine Optimization, Etsy tips, news, etc. Read blogs here.


Read more on our benefits page here.


How can I buy on Handmade Spark?

If you see an item on Handmade Spark that you want to buy, you can buy it on Etsy by simply clicking the "Buy on Etsy" button on the page of the item you are interested in or ask the seller a question through the "Contact Me" button. See an example of product page here.


How can I sell on Handmade Spark?

You must have an Etsy shop to join as Handmade Spark is a search engine optimized (SEO) marketing service for Etsy sellers.


How do I install Google Analytics on my mini-site?

Here is a step by step tutorial to help you install a Google Analytics (GA) tracking code on your mini-site:
Make sure that you have separate GA tracking codes for each of your "web profiles" that you want to track. For example: if you set up separate web profiles for your Etsy shop and your Handmade Spark Mini-Site, they will look something like this:

UA-12345678-1 (code for your Etsy shop)
UA-12345678-2 (code for your Handmade Spark mini-site)

Once your GA tracking code is installed in your Handmade Spark mini-site, it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours until you can start seeing the traffic coming into your mini-site.
You can also learn more about Google Analytics by going to their website:


How quickly will the traffic increase into my Etsy shop?

Handmade Spark's search traffic has been steadily increasing for the last few months. We currently are seeing 49,000 monthly visitors from search and 53,000 from other channels (social, email, direct, etc) This traffic directly results in high search engine rank, and gets you to the top of searches that match your content. In many cases, your Handmade Spark listings will appear higher in google than your Etsy listings! See examples here. SEO has many layers and results take time, therefore, be patient. Be active with all your social media avenues (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Updating your Etsy listings often with specific titles, descriptions, content, and tagging will get you one step closer to gaining more traffic.
Remember, views to your Etsy shop are not the same as views to your mini-site (see google analytics here). The goal is to gain visibility in a search for your content or shop.


How quickly will my sales increase in my Etsy shop?

There are many factors that influence a potential customer to buy. As you know being active in keeping up, improving and promoting your shop is the first step to making a good impression with a potential customer. We love to help promote you and your products, and will bring you informative articles to help teach and train you on your road to online success. Be patient, learn from others in the community, ask for feedback and make connections with potential buyers and more importantly, friends to help you on your journey. Click here to read Patience: The Art of Not Giving Up When Selling Online


How long until I see results?

We can help you gain visibility, and with time your traffic should increase; but having great products, photography and descriptions is what actually closes sales - and that's up to you. SEO (search engine optimization) takes time to kick in. We submit the site map to all the major search engines everyday. The site map submits your new items and they can start to appear in searches. One of the best things that you can do is really look at each listing's content and make sure it is descriptive and written with search engines in mind. SEO is a winding road and will flex and bend each month. And just like all things in life, you can expect highs and lows in search results as the search engines aren't sitting still either!


Do I have to do anything?

A Handmade Spark Mini-Site should be considered one of many "tools" in your toolbox to help you build your business. Our best advice is to give it time and be specific with your Etsy item titles, descriptions, and tags. Really look at your product shots and see if there is any way to make them better. Read our blogs - and use our blog search box to find more articles on SEO, tagging, photos, social media, marketing and more. Don't forget to comment so we know you stopped by. Research your competition and see what they do. Search Etsy and Google for your products and see where they come up, and why.

Get involved. Ask for feedback from other HS members and help others by commenting on their questions, get to know them and form a relationship! There are many HS sellers on the move and working their shops. They stop by and leave a bit of humor for us in a response on the blog. Some even submit their latest tutorials, business advice and lessons learned to us to run on the Handmade Spark blog. We see them tweeting and they stop by to just say hi on our Facebook Fanpage and group pages. Ready to join the fun? Join here.


I need to update my mini-site, how do I log-in?

You will need to register your account prior to logging in. For first time users, support@handmadespark.com will send you an email confirmation with instructions and unique registration link for you to follow and complete your registration process. Please note that the email confirmation will be sent to the email that you listed as your "contact email" when you signed up. Throughout the registration process, please only click next and/or submit only once. Please note which method (twitter, facebook, yahoo, google, etc) you use to sign in for the first time as this will be the only way to sign in there after. For example, if you login with your twitter account for your mini-site, then you always have to login using your twitter account as you cannot change from your twitter to your facebook. Handmade Spark can only associate one login method per shop.

For returning users please click "sign in" in the upper right hand corner of any Handmade Spark page and login with method chosen previous.


I am not getting any emails from Handmade Spark, what do I do?

Please check your spam folder for the sign-in confirmation emails or our Daily Fuse emails. Then mark Handmade Spark as "safe or not junk" to make sure that all emails come directly to your inbox.


The system is not letting me log-in, what do I do?

There are a few reasons why you can't login.

You never register your account - you must register your account prior to logging in. Please see I need to update my mini-site, how do I log-in?

You are not using the correct method of login - Handmade Spark has 6 different methods of login (Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Flickr). If you chose to login with your twitter account for your mini-site, then you always have to login using your twitter account as you cannot change from your twitter to your facebook. We can only associate one login method per shop. Please note which method (twitter, facebook, yahoo, google, etc) you use to sign in for the first time as this will be the only way to sign in there after.

If you still can't get in, please contact support@handmadespark.com and we will be in touch within 1-2 business days to help you out.


How do I get my avatar to show up in the comments section on your site?

In the comments section of any blog post, hit the "Disqus" button above our comment section on the blog. Here you can create a profile for Disqus and upload your own avatar and add in your information that you want to include. Disqus is a popular comment program on many big websites and blogs, and your profile can be used on any of those sites as well. Disqus can even keep track of your favorite sites and a record of your comments. Similar to a Blogger profile or a Wordpress profile.


I have multiple Etsy shops and would like to have a Mini-Site for each one. Can I sign up using the same email for each shop?

You can sign up multiple shops with the same contact email address, however you must choose a different login method per shop. For example use your twitter for Shop A and use your facebook for Shop B. Please be sure to note login method per shop as we can only associate one login method per shop.


I want to change my credit card info for my Mini-Site. How can I do that?

If you're using PayPal to pay for your monthly subscription payments, please log into the Paypal account used when creating your Handmade Spark account and update your credit card information there.

Other wise, please contact support to change or update your credit card information.


I received an email titled "Account Past Due Email Notification", but the payments are made monthly automatically via PayPal (or from my credit card). Why am I receiving this email? What will happen if I don't make the payment or respond to the email?

An email is sent to the accounts that we receive notification that the payment cannot be processed. Many time it is due to a credit card expiring, missing payment information and/or change in bank accounts. If you do not update the credit card account any and all payments from that account will not be processed and will cause your Handmade Spark to have an outstanding balance. Upon receiving the email, please verify your payment information and follow the instructions provided. If you fail to provide Handmade Spark with your updated information or do not respond the email prior to the date given, your Handmade Spark mini-site will be cancelled.


I want to cancel my account.

Log in to your Mini-Site and you can cancel your account from there. We will then schedule your account to expire on the last day of your current monthly pay period.


Where can I read your terms of use?



Where can I read your Privacy Policy?