Don’t Forget Your Coffee Shops

When you’re starting out your career as a fine artist, it’s easy to tell yourself there’s no way you can display your art in a gallery.  Whether it’s because you think it’s not good enough or you don’t have the patience to wait a year (which is the average time between commitment by a gallery and the actual show), in the end your work just keeps piling up, unseen, in your studio.  But there are dozens of other venues that you can use and all it takes a little footwork and some persuasive talking.

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Coffee shops see so many visitors every day, which makes them the perfect place to display your work.  Many coffee shops make it their goal to display local artwork on month-long rotations.  All you have to do is bring in a portfolio of your work to show the managing barista.  Another great thing about coffee shops is that people come there for a variety of reasons: to pick up their morning cup of energy, to meet with friends, or to study for big tests.  This means that people are constantly coming in and out and staying for long periods of time, which gives them a lot of time to admire your work.  One word to the wise: stay away from the national chains.  Many times they are already given the work they’re supposed to display.  Instead choose local chains, which thrive on repeat customers.

coffee shop art

coffee shop art

With the sustainable and local food culture coming back to the bigger cities, small-business restaurants are always eager to fill their walls with local artwork.  Pop into those vegetarian restaurants, mom and pop diners, or upscale eateries and show off your portfolio.  And don’t worry, they generally don’t require your work to be food related.  By showing your work at a restaurant, your opening can be a big event for the town.  Free wine or a cheese platter is a great way to mark the start of your show.  Plus, you can invite all of your friends and family to come out for dinner that night, which the restaurant owners will love.

art opening

If you want to sell more than your work, bookmarks or note cards are great things to leave at the counters.  Many baristas are more than happy to sell your stuff for you.  And how many times have you gone to the coffee shop and forgotten your bookmark?  Okay, maybe not that often but so many people who go to coffee shops love to read so you’ll be hitting the right market.

Funky Large Paper Clips or Bookmarks...Set of Three

So as the snow melts away, get your walking shoes on and travel your town.  Find those little establishments that are always a local favorite and see if you can get your work out of your studio and into the public!

DIY- Design Transfer for Acid Etched Brass, Silver and Copper Jewelry

Design Transfer for Acid Etched Brass, Silver and Copper Jewelry

Tutorial submitted by:  Esprit Mystique : Blog

What is your favorite design?  Wish you could transform it into a series of etched pendants? If drawing multiple designs by hand would take hours, here is speedy way to transfer complex designs to metal for acid etching.  Read More

Design Transfer for Acid Etched Brass, Silver and Copper Jewelry

In acid etching, the black design areas act as a resist to the acid, the white design areas will be etched deeper than the black design areas.

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Candlestick charts are used to trade in Bitcoin and it lets you technically analyse the market as well as the price movement of Bitcoin. The chart is used commonly in many kinds of market like stocks and futures etc. candlestick charts gives you a clearer view as compared to a bar chart or a line chart. Get further information.

The candlestick chart marks the open, high, low and close of the candle on the chart and each candle represents a time period. So suppose you are on a 60 minute chart then each candle on the 60minute chart denotes 1 hour. The analysts use this chart to apply different techniques and predict how the price will move. Traders also use many day trading and swing trading strategies in cryptocurrencies using the candlestick charts.

Generally, the etched (white) part of the design can be thought of as the background.  Read More

Set your designs aside and prepare the metal for transfer (Bronze, Brass, Copper, or Silver).  The metal needs to be spotlessly clean.  Bar Keeper’s Friend is a powdered cleanser (with oxalic acid) that works well to clean off any oil from fingerprints and tarnish on the metal.  It also roughens the surface enough to help grab the dry toner.  Read More

Handmade Spark

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The Five ✶ SPARKS ✶ Interview: Clay Artist Brigitte Bouquet behind ‘Atelier BB’

This week we go -technicolor- to New York!

Some of you may already know this week’s guest, if not personally, then through Etsy with her unique, vibrant and textured Wobbly Plates-Wobbly Bowls!

I fell in love with her pieces way before I had the privilege to get to know the energetic, passionate, creative and inspiring artist Brigitte Bouquet. Make yourself a cup of your favorite tea and join me in discovering Brigitte’s Art World beyond her colorful and joyful Etsy store…

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jb ✶What inspired you to become an Artist?

bb ✶I really can’t tell. My mum is a seamstress and the whole house was filled with fabrics- buttons  and wool.  Beautiful materials in every color of the rainbow.
When I was little, I used to play for hours with pencils, markers, paper and my moms fabrics and I remember arranging them in all kinds of crazy color combination. Maybe that’s when it all started.  And later on, the love for colors and surface designs, got me to ceramics.

I started to paint on bisque and worked closely together with traditional Delft Blue potters, painting with my own glazes and their traditional shapes.
I learned a lot doing that but quickly realized that I wanted to shape the ceramic pieces myself.

So, I guess, I just fell in love with the material: clay.

Clay is just an amazing material, it’s so diverse. I started creating my own designs. The perfect ceramic canvases for my glazes.
Because in the end, for me, nothing is more beautiful than the bright and vivid colors of glazes.

Tulip Fields

Wobbly Bowls- Wobbly Plates

jb ✶ Can you take us through your creative process?

bb ✶I am fascinated by patterns in nature, on a leaf, in sand, on a stonewall. The textures of a tree, the ripples of water; most of my work starts in nature.
I always carry a small camera and a sketch book with me and from that point on I let my imagination go. Blow something up or give it a weird twist. More often than not things change and evolve during the process.

All my work is connected in an unexpected and organic way. Like the surface patterns of the Wobbly Plates; or, I started to experiment with those textures in a sculpture I made a couple of years ago.

I love to work on lots of different projects at the same time. That’s also related to the fact that most of my sculptures, like the Circle Series, ( take over 3 months from start to completion.  I am showing some of my larger sculptures, like the Circle Series and the Driftwood Trees in April in a group exhibition in Brooklyn at the Clover Gallery.

Snowy Tree

“My little sketch book”

Work In Progress: Brigitte working on ‘Grassy Patch’

jb ✶How do you promote your work?

bb: Well, I am getting better at this. It’s hard though. Just something I don’t naturally do. I want my pieces, my Wobblies and sculptures to speak for themselves. But I know it’s crucial to use all the tools available these days to get the word out.

I carry business cards with me, I post lots of images on flickr; and I keep people updated through my fan-page: and do a Wobbly Fan of the month pick. The lucky fan receives a Wobbly surprise.

Biscuits Bowls – Wobbly Plates

Coral Suburbs

jb ✶The best advice ever given to you that you would pass on?

bb: Do your own thing. Just do what makes you feel good. That’s it.

Focaccia Platter -lime- Wobbly Plates

Brigitte with ‘Turtle Lines’

jb ✶You have money and 5 minutes… What you would buy and why?

bb: I would call my local electricity company and have them hook up a big kiln I have had for a while. All it needs is a dedicated power line and lots of amps.
It would give me a lot more flexibility and most of all: a way to fire large pieces.

Detail of orange ‘Buttoned Up Vase’

In her Brooklyn studio, Brigitte working on ‘Black Moon Rising’

If you are fortunate enough to be in New-York, hit the Town on Saturday, April 17th  from 4 pm – 6 pm and or Sunday, May 17th at Clover’s Fine Art Gallery to Brigitte’s “must see” opening ‘Earth Lens’ -group exhibition- ! You can then brag that you were fortunate enough to have seen her work in “real life” and the sheer scale of some of her pieces while the rest of us interstate or around the globe can only dream of it!

Art Gallery: Clover’s Fine Art, 338 Atlantic Ave, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn… NY

To find out more about BB’s up coming exhibition, you can simply convo Brigitte at:

…, and if like me and you can not make it for the ‘real thing’, you can still satisfy your senses at:

SECRET Etsy Tips From Etsy Sellers

Hollowed Book Safe with Flask and Secret Compartment

Secret Compartment

Here part one of  The SECRET Etsy Tips Series.  These tips are not really secret, as they are pulled from the Etsy forums and other places around the web.

These tips are taken out legally for the benefit of the traders who are new to the trading field. These are a collection of all those successful strategies taken from the blogs of many successful traders mainly to show the right path of trading on the CryptoCFDTrader platform for enjoying profits.

Credit is always given back to the buyers and sellers that wrote the tip, so please feel free to click through and see how they are doing!   I hope you enjoy!


mikiep says

I wanted to start a little forum where everyone could post a little secret of something that has helped them on Etsy.:)

For myself [in California USA], I have found that Saturday morning listings are AWESOME! One Saturday I sold an item, re-listed it and then 5 min later sold something else. I re-listed that one and BAM another sale. This has be successful 4 times so far and has worked for my wife RavenX also.
Late night listings have worked well for me too in terms of getting sales from our Friends across the seas.


ifanhour says:

As a buyer I save a lot of items and shops to favorites, often finding them on the front page. I tend to pick from that list. I like unique things you can’t find in the stores. I like shops who have all their policies filled out and also use the 5 product thumbnails.


RockAndGold says:

I do two things to increase orders in multiples and they both work well for me.

1) I offer free shipping on second and higher purchases purchased together

2) I put my product matches (i.e. earrings that go with a necklace) next to each other in my shop.


Potomacrivergoods says:

I firmly believe that what comes around goes around. What a lot of people don’t realize is that many sales come from buyers themselves. Get yourself into the chat rooms and here on the forums to learn and share.


peaseblossomstudio says:

One of my tips is stalking (well, not literally) big sellers and featured sellers because they always have consistent photos, listings, etc.



One thing that a LOT of sellers don’t seem to spend enough time on is their policies. I think everyone should figure out what if:

the item is not delivered?
wants to be replaced?

and all those extra questions about faster shipping and etc. This saves a lot of headache when you get unhappy buyers!


zJayne says:

Use your shop name as one of your tags. When you send people to find you on etsy and they get lost, if they search your unique name (because they don’t know where the drop down find a seller is)… your shop will come up.

Blue and brown, mod polka dot thank-you cards

Blue and brown, mod polka dot thank-you cards


SparklePaw says:

I also think that sending your customers personal thank you messages when they place an order is great for business and building clientele. I know I like to hear from the seller when I order items on Etsy. Communication is good!


Jinglebobs says:

Make sure you put at least your state/providence? and Country in your location space. I know you have marked your country, but it doesn’t show up on your shop page so… do Tupulo, Mississipi, USA (yes write out your state, everyone doesn’t know what MS means.


ArabesqueArtsByDarcy says:

1) Make sure you have done the basic things for your shop. I’m a bad one to talk…I’ve been here over a year and never added my shop name to my homemade banner! Gotta do that.
2) Have some computer and Internet experience. I’m amazed how many people are new to computers and don’t know some things….can’t think which ones…and they ask here instead of searching on Google.



1) i use the forums. i try to help out in the technique and critiques forums when i can.
2) i also use the critique forum to boost views of newly listed items and get feedback on price, etc
3) something i haven’t seen anyone mention? great pictures – no matter how much advertising, etc you do, if buyers can’t see good, crisp, clear, detailed pictures of the items they are interested in then you’ve already lost the sale – whether it’s cheap or expensive
4) i twitter – and set up twitterfeed to automatically update my twitterpage when i update my etsy shop
5) i bid on alchemy requests as often as i can (if it’s something i’m qualified to do) usually, even if i don’t get the work they at least go look at my shop


arcticcircles says:

Ok. This is a bit of a boring one but it’ so simple and certainly makes a difference when I’m buying. Pay attention to the postage service you offer!

1) Listing international postage rates. If I’m in a hurry- one seller has postage rates ready to go- one seller has no international shipping rates listed- then I’ll go with seller number 1. Lots of sellers seem to think that us international buyers will do a lot of convoing if we are interested enough to buy. But you are probably missing out on a lot of impulse purchases if you don’t cater to us crazy international folk!

2) Regular shipping if you can possibly manage it. It’s so infuriating to buy something on Monday and then get a message from the seller saying “thanks so much I’ll ship at the end of the week”. I know it takes effort to get to the post office but it’s effort that I make and sort of expect others do in return.

I guess it all boils down to customer service really- provide all the information, answer convos promptly, ship promptly, keep your customers informed. It will pay off for sure.


TheTestOfTime says:

My only tip is to participate in the forums and often. I discovered the forums recently and have been addicted ever since. I had a month and a half dry spell with no sales and when I started posting in the forums, I had 2 sales. Still not a lot but it definitely boosted moral.

I also just did a bunch of Christmas shopping myself on etsy and found nearly all my gifts through seelers I found in the forums. I would see something I liked on a forum posters site then search for it throughout etsy to see if I could find something cheaper. I was always drawn back to the seller I found in the forums. It was kinda like I had more of a “bond” with them and I’d rather buy from someone I “knew” even if it was a little more expensive.

Carnivale Round Lampwork Bead Set

Carnivale Round Lampwork Bead Set


marywibis says:

best tip ever–

look forward to etsy-ing. The more fun you have, the more success you’ll have. The secret for me to get a foot in the door was asking other etsy folks to trade. It’s a great moral boost and got my name out there…plus, i got some incredible products. Etsy is such a wonderful place to be.


AndThen says:

My favorite things I’ve learned in the forums:
I list my items in Twitter (but I also post my new blog posts and life stuff so as to not constantly spam my followers).
I started a blog.
I joined a group (Unique Women in Business) for support and sales.
I joined a couple other sites (artfire and 1000 markets).
I use my shop name as a tag.
I try to re-list often.
I took the time to fill out my shop policies page.


BeJeweledByCandi says:

Using pertinent keywords in the title of your items is how google and others outside of Etsy will find you.

Think about words the customer would use in the google search bar and use them.


muyinmolly says:

Have at least 30 items in your shop.This way buyers feel they have more choices when they shop.Also sometimes people may just pick up a few extra things in your shop on impulse.
If your customers are happy with their purchase and want to come back to buy more, it also helps if you have more different items in stock.
I have so many repeat buyers(I’m not sure how many, but at least 20-30% of my sales must have come from repeat customers).When they come back they buy different things from my shop.I think it helps that I have a large selection of jewelry so even when they come back 3 or 4 times there’s always something they haven’t bought.


SewDanish says:

My secret tip that I picked up from another thread a while back, is whenever you go to your shop, click “appearance” and then “save” at the bottom of that page, even if you haven’t made any changes to the page. By doing that your shop will move to page one, if anyone is doing a search in “shop local”.

Photography Tutorial-Lighting

Many of us struggle with properly lighting our photos. It’s easy for the pros, who have all the equipment on hand they would ever need! But there just has to be simpler ways that are more affordable.

Similarly many of us struggle to make that extra money required for a luxurious life though we have enough money in hand. Now here is where trading would give you a hand. There are a lot of profitable software here and through the CryptoCFDTrader software you can do this and live peacefully.

And there is. This method is one of the most affordable methods out there! It has it’s limits, such as having to wait for a bright sunny day. But it’s well worth it. I am able to get perfectly colored photos with plenty of light this way.

Things you will need:

Camera (duh!)

A brightly lit window with lots of sunshine coming through

A thin white curtain or white sheet (white is a must!)

tripod (if you absolutely do not have access to a tripod, you will need a helper!)

surface (I used a box, you can use anything, such as a coffee table)

small mirror


prop (optional) my prop is a book

Now lets begin.

I first put the white sheet over the window. This has a similar effect to a soft box. That’s really exactly what it is, it’s a giant softbox!

I then set up my surface beside the window, with a sheet of dark gray posterboard for my background.  I actually had the foot of a bed right behind the posterboard, this helped to keep the back of my posterboard curled up (although with these particular shots, I didn’t need that since these are close ups).

Notice how I have it in the picture…the window is to the side of my setup.

Next I put my camera on a tripod and set the self timer for 10 seconds. After I had the camera in position and had taken a couple of experimental shots so I could set my exposure correctly (I use manual), I then prepared my mirror for the shot.

Yes, a mirror. This is the important part. Because the window can only light part of our product, some of it is going to be in shadow. I am going to use the mirror to reflect light from the window back onto the parts of the product that need more light.

In this case, the petals of the flower need some lighting.

This is the “before” picture. Notice how the petals are dark with lots of shadows.

Now lets take the mirror and hold it so it is facing the window at an angle, throwing light onto the petals. Set your self timer for about 10 seconds to give yourself time to get into position with the mirror. This is where a helper comes in if you don’t have a tripod. You might need someone to hold the mirror while you take the picture. However, I strongly recommend a tripod, you will have clearer sharper photos.

This is the “after” picture! What a difference! Both shots are pretty good, but now that we know how much better it looks with the mirror, the first shot isn’t so great after all!

Not only that, but having light in the proper areas also helped to bring out it’s true colors.

I didn’t even do any photoshopping for these. The light from the window was perfectly natural, and didn’t create any weird coloring. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to use a white sheet. Any other color would cause some color problems in your photos.

You may need to experiment with how you position the mirror, to get just the right amount of light in the right areas.

For those of you who use manual settings, here are the details for my photos. I was using the Nikon D80.

Shutter was at 1/40 (this is why you need a tripod, a shutter that slow would have blurred things if I had held it by hand) aperture at F13 to bring the entire flower into sharp focus, focal length at 80mm, and ISO at 320.

I don’t have a macro lens right now, thus a focal length of 80mm was required to get a close shot. If you are using a macro lens, you’ll probably be able to us a faster shutter speed. It will also depend on how much light is coming through your window.

Oh, and in my defense…pay no attention to the unfinished windows. My house is under construction!…which is great, I can make all the messes I want and no one will care!


Bright Sparks : Treasury

Prepare For Your Selling Season!

Simple Blogger Settings

A Little More Spark
by Tim Adam on 2/13/10 | 0 Comment(s)

I filmed this video over 3 years ago. I made this modern cabinet for a client. It took about 4 hours to build with the help of my buddy Tim.

It is this time spent in the designing, development and execution of a trading system that shows how reliable it would be in the market and also to the traders.  So always remember to look back at the flashback of any automated trading system before trying them out for your future incomes.

Cabin Fever? Think Spring!
by Jennifer Schulting on 2/13/10 | 0 Comment(s)

by expressionsinsilk
With Spring right around the corner, we will all find ourselves packing up the sweaters, mittens, and boots. We would all love to run to the nearest outlet mall and purchase everything that is new for the upcoming season. Given the current economic condition, why not make …

Why I love to shop local (and you should too)…
by KirstenBailey on 2/13/10 | 2 Comment(s)

One of the things I love about Etsy and the online handmade community is that it connects buyers and sellers around the world. However, I think there are still some very good reasons to buy local.
First of all, you save money. Shipping is cheaper when you buy from someone nearby, …

Bright Sparks : Treasury
by KirstenBailey on 2/13/10 | 1 Comment(s)

“Awake” – Original Mixed Media painting by Wyanne

While browsing around Handmade Spark I was inspired by all the bright and beautiful things our sellers have in their stores, so I made this Treasury – “Bright Sparks”:

Check it out while you can, it expires soon!

Medium Control : Great Designs
by Tim Adam on 2/13/10 | 0 Comment(s)

When I started designing modern furniture I fell in love with all of the Eames designs. With their modern flair and innovative designs who wouldn’t love their work. Medium Control on Etsy must feel the same way I do about Eames.


Bliss Soybean Candles
by Tim Adam on 2/12/10 | 2 Comment(s)

Mandarin Canberry – blisscandles
Yes…it is true I do love a good smelling candle. Just ask my wife! I ran across this great Etsy seller on Handmade Spark, and I would love to smell some of these candles! Be sure to check out all the amazing fragrances Bliss Soybean Candles has …

Improve Your Etsy Shop Right Now: 3 Quick Tips
by LauraKuhlmann on 2/12/10 | 9 Comment(s)

Olive Queen Annes Lace Scarf by RedPrairiePress
Tip One: Location, Location, Location!

Please check your Etsy shop right now and make sure your “Location” is not blank. Buyers like knowing where you’re from. Your location helps personalize your shop a bit, makes it more human and less like a 1-800-NOWHERE shop. …

MissMalaprop : Blog Feature
by Tim Adam on 2/12/10 | 3 Comment(s)

I am starting a new series here on Handmade Spark where I will be featuring bloggers that are taking things to a new level in the handmade, indie, and design scene. First on my list of must read blogs is Mallory runs this great blog and writes about some …

Modern Food Packaging

Modern Food Packaging
Modern Food Packaging : Martha Stewart Crafts

When selling handmade edibles online packaging is very important to catch a buyers eye. Here are a few packaging ideas from Martha Stewart Crafts.

The perfect way of food packaging catches the buyer’s interest almost immediately form the food shelves and handmade perishable products are to be consumed mostly within a day have to be cleverly packed to avoid being spoiled before it gets to the buyers refrigerator. Be it the boxes or brown mesh paper bags, the color the design creates a lot of public engaging and eye catching shapes for all to buy the products.

Giving a comprehensive idea about for creative packaging goes a long way in creating specialist designs to market the home ware and hand made products efficiently and make it a lucrative business. Customizing basic boxes to intricate and recyclable bags, boxes with hand printed designs and list of the ingredients about the food is definitely demanding. A crafter best knows how indispensible the designs and the creativity is that they have simple innovation happening each time they package the perishable homemade pickles, jams and delectable pastries, cakes.

With simple yet easy packaging they are great gifting items to friend and family that they fly off the shelf the moment they are stocked up. Ultimately it is the seller’s artistic form which gets translated into the cute handmade food boxes which are best way to express the love and warmth around. Many online exclusive marketplaces like Etsy have a group of artist who give in their vintage and artistic views and make a small cardboard box into the best way to attract consumers in buying their food products, their website has all the details about the list of online brokers who are replicated in trading done by the robot in the forex software which is fully automated.

No additional downloads are required for trading on this web based software platform to trade in most of the forex currencies across many other exchanges round the clock with a high percentage of winning ratio. The sign up process is just an easy 3 step process and funding the account with a minimum balance is required to start trading using the robot which is very fast in executing the trades.


Modern Packaging
Martha Stewart Modern Packaging Ideas

Modern Packaging Ideas
Modern Packaging Ideas: Martha Stewart Crafts

How about checking out some handmade edibles on Handmade Spark. Click Here

Running a Project Wonderful Ad Campaign

Running ad campaigns is an important part of selling handmade goods online.

Similarly, learning about trading is very important before taking up trading here for without any information or knowledge we would feel left alone and things would also look very strange and different to us. Now below are few things to do which when done would make you feel comfortable and familiar on the CryptoCFDTrader platform.

  • You are always a student here in this market you might have learnt the basics and the important rules of trading but you are still a learner here for the trading market keeps changing and you need to always be on the look-out for information that would keep you up-to-date here in this competitive market.
  • Always know to protect your capital. It is not important to make profits here but important to protect the deposit amount. You might win profits after two or three trials but the amount received in the name of profits would definitely be lesser than the amounts deposited in each trade. So always try to safeguard the capital instead of eyeing on making profits.
  • Have a check on the losses. This is something inevitable in this field. But you can always be watchful of what is getting lost from your hands. So always try to minimize this and try to use the stop loss option for this and quit the trades if you foresee a loss situation.
  • Try to collect the maximum from the market and use these facts for a better trading play. You need to build your trades on all these and a trading plan and methodology that takes into account all these would actually help a trader in having an edge over the other traders.
  • Finally, know when you should stop your trading trials. This is another very important checkpoint because most of the traders get lost in the offers and promises by the various trading fields and continue trading throughout until they run out of money.

You need to be seen in the sea of sellers. Project Wonderful has made it simple for handmade sellers to advertise for a low cost across a huge variety of blogs and sites. Check out the video below that explains how to setup and run a successful ad campaign on Project Wonderful.

Have you used Project Wonderful to advertise your Etsy shop? If so feel free to tell others what your experience was like. Thanks!

Felted Poppy Flower Tutorial: Guest Post from the Etsy Russian Team

Today, Yana (YanArt) is sharing a tutorial how to make this great felted poppy flower.

felted poppy flower

To make a poppy brooch you will need:

– metal fastener
– black thread
– semolina
– acrylic paint (black/gray)
– PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate glue)
– bubble wrap
– wooden roller
– wool for felting (red, black, gray and green)

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

1. Spread out thin strands of wool on the piece of film in the shape of the circle. Begin from the center and move to the edge – do not do it in a different order! Make sure there are no spaces between the strands, otherwise there will be holes. Put the green wool in the middle but use a little less as you will add some black and some gray wool there as well.

Felted Poppy Flower Tutorial: Guest Post from the Etsy Russian Team

Felt is nothing but a natural textile fabric, which is made by condensing several fibres together. You can felt beautiful and decorative items from different natural and organic materials such as wool or go in for the synthetic alternatives such as acrylic or rayon. Objects made out of felt and the technique of felting have received so many applauding review because of its cute and simple designs.

Today, Yana (YanArt) is sharing a tutorial how to make this great felted poppy flower.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

2. Now you have to soak the wool in soap solution – just to make it damp. If you use too much solution the wool may shift! Cover the wool with another piece of film and with gentle pushes of your palm evenly soak the wool and foam up the solution.

3. Slightly press the film with your hands in circular moves. Turn the film upside down and remove the upper layer of the film. Be careful not to pull out the strands – they are not felted yet! What you see in front of you is the inside. Bend the edges of the circle (0.5 – 1cm) to make sure the petals of your poppy are neat.

4. Wrap the film with the wool around the roller and roll. Reel it out, spread out if needed, wrap around the roller from the other side and roll again. Reel out and make the incisions of the petals: cut the circle in 4 places and make the edges of the petals round. Roll again. After that use your fingers to rub the petals to give them the round.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Rinse and put the flower into the drying cup for several hours (over night).

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

5. Using the red wool and the same method make the second circle – this will be the upside (lower) layer of the poppy petals.

6. Now it’s time for the middle of the poppy. Use the green wool to arrange an oval bead (according to the size of the petals): dip the lump of green wool into soap solution and roll it between your palms. Rinse under the running water.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Form another round bead and squeeze it between the palms to make it flat. Leave them to dry.

7. Let’s make the filaments. Wrap the black thread around your fingers and cut it from the one side.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Cover the thread with glue (to give it firmness), then dip the tips into the
semolina. Hang out to dry. After drying tint them a little with black or gray paint.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

8. After everything is dry, sew the flat green bead through with the black thread to make
your flower look like a real poppy.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Sew it to the oval bead.

9. Assemble the threads-filaments into several beams and sew them to the first layer of the petals

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Place and sew the green middle.

10. Put the second layer of petals underneath and sew everything together – all the layers and the metal fastener.

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

Our poppy brooch is ready!

Tutorial Felted Poppy Flower

~Etsy Russian Team

Improving Your Etsy Listings: Item Descriptions

In my previous posts I discussed how to improve your Etsy listings with item titles and some simple maintenance.  Today I’d like to discuss another important aspect of your listings: Item Descriptions.

I’m going to use another one of my favorite Handmade Spark members to illustrate my points, Roxy Heart Vintage.

roxy heart vintage tree cake stand

14 x 15 Tree Slice Cake Stand Black Walnut | Roxy Heart Vintage

When customers are searching sites like Google for something specific, the first 160 characters of your item description shows in the results. As you say, the first impression is the best impression, so is the case with selecting Google search results. You proceed to one particular site among the numerous listings by reading the initial visible lines about each result. For example, you search for Fintech LTD and get several pages of results. You read the one or two lines given with each heading and then decide on which to visit first.  It’s important to utilize that small amount of text to grab potential customers attention.

google search results

As you can see, Roxy Heart Vintage’s descriptions begin with text that is captivating.  Let’s take a look at the full description in stages.

About the Item

A tree slice cake stand represents a moment in time where you reflect on where you came from, where you are and where you’re going. The rings gently spiral out from the center and journal every moment in your history together ~ the knots where your relationship became stronger ~ the tiny cracks where you learned how to be apart and mend what was weak ~ the imperfections which give your relationship character and life. Tree slice cake stands are a beautiful sentiment to represent your life together.

Rich golden tones of rustic bark and deep mahogany hues showcase perfect crisp white or antiqued buttercream cakes. A tree slice cake stand not only is sentimental but is a conversation piece and perfect compliment to your wedding cake. With many styles and sizes available ranging from the rustic lodge look to the simply chic and modern – a stand from Roxy Heart Vintage will set your wedding apart from the rest.


Dimensions – 14” x 15” x 3”
Tree slice cake stand cut from Black Walnut
Dried/Preserved, Sanded, and leveled as needed
Sealed with coats of polyurethane on surface and bark
Care/Usage/Storage Instruction sheet included
Suitable for a cake up to 13″ in diameter

First thing to notice is the personal appeal of the opening paragraph.  Targeting your demographic (in this case, brides and grooms to be) is crucial in selling online.  People cannot see, touch, smell or taste  your item in a tangible way.  You must describe the item in a way that makes them feel for the item.

The second paragraph illustrates another very important part of your item description: using great adjectives.  These words help your buyer feel as though they can see/touch/smell/taste your item. Colors, textures, sizes – these are all things you need to describe with as much detail and interest as possible.  (See Amber’s Shop Makeover post for some great ideas)

Third we have very specific and detailed dimensions, materials and possible uses.  Again, since your customers cannot experience your item in person, they must be able to imagine exactly where to use your product, whether or not it fits and what they can use it for.

The item description continues:

~Custom Options~

Tree Seeds – Pick the tree seeds of your choice in a darling bottle to represent the new journey ahead of you! Plant the seeds together at your event in a lovely planter as representing new beginnings and new life or plant them in solitude together vowing to nourish what you’ve planted this day. Trees are a lovely way to remember your special day ~ and when it’s large enough you can carve your initials in it for generations to remember.

Turn Table Option – An invaluable upgrade to make use of your cake stand once the wedding is over.

Burned Engraving – Choose any words, phrases, quotes, dates, or your initials to be hand carved and burned onto your stand. Most fonts available upon request. Please message me to request this option as additional charges apply.

Precious Stone Inlay – Choose any design including hearts, leaves or branches to inlay with rich colored stone on your stand. Please message me to request this option for your stand as additional charges apply.

Custom options can be found here:


I can usually ship your tree slice cake stand within 3 days from time of payment. Please note the date of your event when purchasing. If your wedding is in 10 days or less, expedited shipping may be required and will be extra.

~Why buy a Cake Stand from RoxyHeartVintage~

When choosing a cake stand it is important to choose a wood that holds its bark well. I choose a selection of woods which are of the utmost quality. I reinforce the bark to prevent it from dropping and I search for hardwoods like Black Walnut and Locust because of their beauty and superior quality to cheaper woods that can experience dramatic splitting and deterioration. My wood goes through a multi-step preservation process to stabilize the stand and prevent cracking. My years of experience with tree slice cake stands and my passion for beauty and style in craftsmanship are shown in my work.

If your item can be customized, it’s a really good idea to include this information in your description. Sometimes when people are searching for something specific and find something that is almost right they will just move on.  That is, unless you offer them a solution!

Including information on shipping isn’t totally necessary but I think it can be helpful.  Not everyone is familiar with Etsy and where to locate shop policies.  Even if you just include a link to your shipping policy, it may avoid any confusion or questions a customer may have.

The last paragraph that Roxy Heart Vintage has included is the icing on the cake (yes, pun intended).  With all the thousands of sellers out there, why should people buy from you?  What sets you apart and makes you special?  This blurb is a great reminder and a reflection of the shop announcement.  It builds trust and highlights expertise.  My only critique and recommendation would be to include this information above the custom options.

The example that I have provided was used to illustrate important points to cover when describing your products.  Can it be done with fewer words?  Of course.  It is subjective to your item.  But, you must keep in mind, selling online is an intangible world.  Other than taking fabulous pictures, words are all we have to make the sale.