Beware of Overnight Profit Making Scams

Beware of Overnight Profit Making Scams

There seems to be a lot riding in the online trading space today, with trading apps, programmed robots that have been rigged to give the users a winning feel. A lot is going on in the internet space; there is the cryptocurrency with blockchain that had locked all the money some cloud storage space, with no tangible proof of existence, until one comes to know that they have lost all the coins that they valued more than precious metals! That is the reality today, there is mad rush to procure something discreet that has no form of physical existence, yet it is said to be in demand since the time the world economy was reeling in the financial crisis.

Are Scams very Common today?

With so many investment tools that are doing rounds in the websites in every corner of social media, that is very difficult to ignore, an individual may try to at least once get into the plethora of software platforms that are waiting to make you rich overnight. The shady websites lure the naïve investors to fall into the vicious cycle of binary trading, cryptocurrency trading with a few winning streaks, tempting the investors to raise the capital exposure.

Is Trading Online Easy?

That is what everyone believes the way, websites scream of you being the elite to trade in the amazing income generating solution Olymp Trade promising to make more than a $1000 per day, is it really possible?

  • the way these open source software are created depends on a few algorithms that have been calculated and put on a trial run,
  • there is no way for a person to earn very high profits every day, that is the bitter truth
  • the sign-up process is made easy for the traders to fall into the trap keeping the initial deposit low
  • once the sign up is done, one can trade only if some amount is funded in the account
  • the manual trading is riskier when it comes to a beginner to use Olymp Trade with no idea of the trading trends
  • the charts, trends are misleading as not all the trades can be 100 % correct as claimed by the creators, who have a rather questionable reputation
  • the fees charged are averaged out, hence the trader will not come to know once he sees some amount credited in the account initially, the rates are supposed to be flat.



Unregulated Brokers Are A Scam

Unregulated Brokers Are A Scam

Trading in binary options with an unregulated broker carries a lot of risks and there are high chances of losing out all the investment. Many such trading software platforms are mushrooming in the dark alleys of the internet world. The website has the reviews that look very genuine, however, could be photoshopped and fake. In a highly unregulated market, there are websites that claim to be making a high daily profit that should be properly verified before investing heavily.

Why Trade reviews are important

The websites are user-friendly and there are guides inside the interface to navigate between the screens that look very impressive; however is that worth to put all the money in trading with such software is the question.

  • traders should check if there are a wide range of assets offered for trading through any of the software platforms like Olymp Trade so that big players in the markets trade with the open source interfaces,
  • many of the options offered usually have more than 200 assets that are traded in currency pairs or in gold and silver, making the trader invest heavily
  • the trading platforms often show that they are registered with the Financial commission, who provide certificate partnering with a third party neutral vendor, who acts as a mediator for any issues between the trader and broker, the authenticity of which is questionable
  • the trading account once set up allows the user to access additional features like using the Olymp Trade demo account for better understanding, however, fails to mention the charges attached to the facility provided
  • the tall claims these platforms of trade make of earning $2000 a day sounds very lucrative however there is an iota of the doubt when it comes to earning so much even when the investment is minimal and the account is to be funded every time a trade has to be placed
  • scams are unfortunately everywhere, the amazing landscape and all the graphs, color coordination makes one invest heavily without checking the credentials
  • during the early days when this entire form of trade was new, there was some amount of fear of regulators bringing them down heavily, however, as the digital economy is bursting with new interfaces every day there is little or no regulation to curb them


The above red flags should prompt a trader to verify the online broker and the invest wisely, to avoid being scammed by fraudsters.

Various Drawbacks of ETFs

Various Drawbacks of ETFs

From the late 1980s, EFTs are prevalent and immediately picked up notability as financial specialists began searching for other options to shared funds. Speculators, both individual and institutional, could view the advantage of holding a particular gathering of stocks with lesser administration charges and higher value visibility daily. Recognizing the drawbacks of ETFs will encourage new and existing holders to explore Olymp Trade, hazard, and benefits.


May Be Limited to Larger Companies

In a few nations, financial specialists may be constrained to big-cap stocks because of a restricted gathering of stocks in the market record. This could let potential development openings away from ETF financial specialists.

Daily Pricing Might Be Overkill

Long-term speculators having a time period of 10 – 15 years may not profit by the daily estimating changes. A few financial specialists may exchange more because of the slacked swings in hourly cost.

Offer-Ask Spread Can Be Large

Many specialty ETFs are generated, so a low volume record of the investment can be found. This could bring about a higher offer or an ask spread. You can get a superior value by investing in genuine stocks or a managed fund.

Expenses Could Actually Be Higher

The vast majority contrast exchanging ETFs and exchanging different amounts of stocks, for example, mutual funds, however in the event that you contrast ETFs with putting resources into a particular stock, at that point the expenses are higher. The real commission that is paid to the agent may be similar; however, there is no administration expense for a stock.

Lower Dividend Yields

There is profit paying ETFs, however, the yields are not as huge as possessing a high yield stock or gathering of stocks. The dangers related to withholding ETFs are normally lesser, yet in the event that a financial specialist can handle risk associated, at that point the profit gains of the stocks can be considerably higher.

Leveraged ETF Returns Skewed

A few ETFs, which are twofold or triple leveraged, could bring about losing greater than twofold or triple the followed file. These kinds of speculative ventures should be painstakingly assessed. In the event that the ETF is kept for over multi-day, the real misfortune could be higher than twofold or triple.

Double-Leveraged Returns

A twofold leveraged ETF need not generally mean you will see twofold the arrival of the record. What’s more, the simplicity of putting resources into utilized ETFs could lure people with little involvement or comprehension of the venture vehicle.

There are weaknesses to keep an eye out for before submitting a request to buy these occasionally precarious investments.


Do you plan to use bots for trading? Think again!

Do you plan to use bots for trading? Think again!

Trading bots have created quite a stir in the market. We cannot deny the fact that there are some trading bots that really do help new traders to carry out their trades. But there are numerous limitations to using a trading bot. Understanding these limitations would ensure that you think twice before you make a decision about whether you should or should not be using a trading bot.

They make too many claims

Some talk about huge returns. Some talk about daily profits. There are some that say that you could easily become a millionaire doing nothing. And there are many that tell that offer you a free demo account. Take Olymp Trade for example- where the forex trading platform doesn’t really have a demo account but talks about offering one. So, all these false claims lead you to set unrealistic expectations. And thus you end up getting disappointed as you trusted the bots too much.

Some of them are rigged

Every trading bot out there has its own strategies to make decisions. Developing a bot might be simple these days. But there is a cost involved. And maintaining one is expensive too. So every bot out there does have a tiny or big focus on the profits that it shares. The profits that the developer takes, to be precise. So there are some trading bots that are known to be rigged. Some of them might have many hidden clauses that lead to the bot earning more than the trader.

Pump and dump bots

There are some trading bots that are designed merely to manipulate the market. Any market and any asset works based on the demand at a given point and the demand forecasted. So if this demand could be tweaked then the profits could be altered as well. Some trading bots are known for their pump and dump schemes. They might be designed to unrealistically inflate the prices. They might create false demands leading to false hypes about particular assets. When the price hits the high targets set by the teams they would simply sell the assets and vanish.

Some might make withdrawals difficult

There are a few trading platforms that have stringent conditions about the minimum amount to be deposited and the minimum amount to be retained in the account. So once you make a deposit your capital would be locked in your account and you would not be allowed to withdraw beyond a set limit.

So even if you have a trading bot that really works, it is always a good idea to learn to function independently.

The dark side to a forex broker deposit bonus

The dark side to a forex broker deposit bonus

Online trading has come a long way. We now find a lot of trading platforms that offer convenient apps that can be installed on the smartphones. So even during your daily commute to the office or just before you go to bed, when you are able to squeeze out a few minutes you would be able to study your trading portfolio. Take forex trading for example- this is one of the most popular trading options. And there are many online forex trading brokers. There are many benefits to choosing an online forex trading broker. But there is a dark side to all of these online brokers that most people do not talk about. While you come across an online forex broker, there might be many features listed as the advantages of choosing that broker. One such benefit is the availability of a deposit bonus. If you are falling for this feature, stop right now and think twice before you make a deposit.

Not all of them offer what they claim

Some forex brokers are very good at luring investors with their flashy ads and promises of making them rich. There are many that promise to make you a millionaire with a small investment. But the terms and conditions that are attached to the deal are what you should be aware of. Not all of them have their terms and conditions explicitly listed out on their websites. There are some that claim to offer extra features like say a demo account. But only after you signup would you know that you have to pay for everything and that there is no demo account. One perfect example is the case of Olymp Trade.

Then there is the mention of deposit bonus. The bitter truth is that once you make your deposit, the broker also deposits a portion of his funds in your account in the form of deposit bonus. So every investment you make from there is part yours and part the brokers. As the broker has also contributed to the capital being invested, there might be clauses about the ownership of the assets in some cases and those about the claim of profits in the others. One biggest threat is the difficulty in making withdrawals. As a part of your capital contains the broker’s bonus you might not be able to withdraw money from your account that easily and you might end up paying penalty for withdrawals beyond a limit. So even if you choose the most liquid assets you end up with your capital being stuck in the loop.

Do trading bots cripple your independence?

Do trading bots cripple your independence?

There was a time when trading was not for everyone. But now the internet has made it easy to learn anything at any time without even stepping out of your home. So anyone can learn to trade. And to spice things up further, there has been a wave of trading bots that are recently being talked about around the world. Should you really use trading bots or are you better off without them?

Trading bots make you lazy

Trading is one place where patience is the most important trait. But you should be curious enough to study every significant event that influences the market. You can then exercise patience to place your order. But there is a lot of studies that goes behind it all. Trading bots, most of them, are very easy to use. They do not require the trader to perform any activity. All it takes is to make a deposit in your trading account and the bot would then take the decisions and place the order. If you get used to this routine at the very beginning then it might be difficult to get out of it. You might become a bit too dependent on the bots. That might lead to a stage where you might not be able to manage without the bots. So if the bot that you have been using crashes or is being shut down for some reason, your trading journey would come to an abrupt halt.

You might slow down your learning process

When you use a trading bot you rely on the bot’s decisions. Though this might be good for a few trades, you should eventually learn how to make the decisions yourself. But this can happen only if you work on your trading skills. If the trading bot does give you great returns then the focus is more on the money made rather than the trading journey itself. If you would like to break all barriers and become a better trader then you should learn to trade independently as well. Just because you have a trading bot you can trust, you should not stop yourself from learning the fundamentals of trading and the various trading strategies.

Besides all of the above-mentioned limitations, there are numerous online platforms like Olymp Trade that are known for the false promises they make. So you end up expecting too much from the trading bot only to be disappointed soon after you create an account.

Guidelines to Start a Side Business

Guidelines to Start a Side Business


There is a misguided judgment that inhibits those with aspirations of starting their own organization from following their fantasies. It’s a confusion that is false as well as unsafe to the private venture network. Most business visionaries aren’t living in neediness wanting to some time or another sign the papers for many dollars in subsidizing just to see their fantasies turn into a craze.


Another misinterpretation is the idea that organizations need to begin with a blast, which means heaps of time, stopping your normal everyday employment, giving up time spent with family and taking a major individual and money related hazard on a fantasy that may not progress and could trouble you with a lot of obligation.


Truth be told, numerous entrepreneurs begin their organizations as side endeavors. They don’t stop their day employment, however rather utilize the abilities they’ve figured out how to begin that side venture. They aren’t anticipating that these organizations should pay the expenses, however, they don’t confine themselves on development either. Beginning little keeps the initial expenses minimum. Here are a couple of guidelines.


Make It Measurable

Do you prefer cooking? You could begin an eatery that will consume a full-time duty and a considerable measure of cash or you could begin an end of the week providing food business or a versatile sustenance truck. A venture where you give little administrations on your own timetable can develop to such an extent or as meager as your opportunity permits. Search for those changes while you’re beginning.


Reduce the Formal Marketing

You need to pick up business, however, putting resources into extensive showcasing endeavors could have negative impacts. You could squander a ton of cash on a crusade that created almost no business or it could deliver so much venture that you don’t have sufficient energy to deal with the majority of the requests. Rather, center around verbal promoting and let it develop obligation free.



In case you will keep your normal everyday employment, do whatever it takes not to blend the two. The activity that takes care of the expenses and provides medical coverage and a retirement bundle merits the main part of your opportunity and vitality. After the day job, on getting back home, focus on the part-time venture.


It’s Not Easy

Prior to beginning your side venture, think about your desires. Hoping to accomplish something you appreciate while profiting is a solid and fitting objective.



In case you long for beginning a business, do not believe the misguided judgment that you need to leave your place of employment and put the greater part of your opportunity and cash into your thought. Rather, begin little and view where it takes you.

Beware Of The Negative Reviews That Are Doctored Around This Legit Site

Beware Of The Negative Reviews That Are Doctored Around This Legit Site


I have been trading for more than two years on QProfit System:

Two years and every single day making consistent profit howsoever small is no joke! There are days when I have made nothing throughout the three hours that I traded and the last trade of the day would help me surface up. There have been days when I have won a lot of trade and then the losses have also balanced out my profits. But not once, and mark my words, not even once have I felt that this software was taking me for a ride. Every day that I have traded on this fantabulous software, I have thanked God for giving me this chance to be able to make a little extra and irrespective of however small that is because a little extra has never hurt!

You know the value of little when you lose everything:

When I first lost my job to attrition, I had such a severe blow that I was numb with fear. I had two small children who I had to fend for and since trading online came naturally to me, I began with a little investment of $250 in my trading account.

I never tried any other software from CFD and Cryptocurrencies because this one gave me enough to carry one.

But you know what puts me off?

While there are scores of people who will acknowledge the brilliant work that this software is doing and how it has changed their lives for good, there are some selfish beings who will not just spread false stores on the internet mudslinging on legit software like this one here but they will also go ahead and write doctored negative reviews and testimonials only to mislead real traders from trying out the genuine software. It is them that I want to ask, “What do they get out of doing so much disservice to the people in general?”

It is disheartening to know that today, negative doctored reviews abound:

It is easy to criticise but hard to provide proof. I want to openly challenge each and every dissenter of this brilliant software to furnish proof and to make sure that they prove that they have even personally traded on this software before writing such derogatory stuff about it all over the internet. I am so sure that they will not be able to furnish any proof because they are lying through their teeth and that it will prove to be fait accompli!

Before You Go Anywhere Else, Check This Trading Software First!

Before You Go Anywhere Else, Check This Trading Software First!


I have always had this grudge that life is not fair!
Yes, you will empathize with me once I tell you why.

When someone comes across something really good, the first reaction is not to help others in need but to self-appropriate. That’s fine, I understand. But once you have had your share of good luck, what is the harm in typing a few good words about the product or the services? If not anything else, the knowledge you share will be helpful to people in dire conditions.

Sharing of knowledge increases knowledge and that is then basic knowledge about knowledge! But some people just do not believe in this. And what happens as a result is that the good trading software, the one that is perfectly legit and that which does not believe in advertising will silently keep doing its good work even with a handful of customers and patrons while the resto f the naïve traders fall into traps laid out by fraudsters who are only waiting around the corner to rob the gullible first time traders of their hard earned money.

Trading has become controversial only because of such vile trading software:

So, I decided that I would change this. Yes, here on the internet, I write articles; blogs and testimonials promoting all the trading software that has lived up to my individual expectation. I have beta tested every single trading software that I have written about and my reviews are one hundred percent genuine, given the fact that you will not just find the trade signal history but also screenshots of them that I have made sure become part of my review in order to serve as an evidence of use.

So, which one of them is my personal favorite?

I keep getting asked this question every time I am vocal about my reviews et al and I unequivocally say it is this fabulous software that lets its patrons deal in cryptocurrencies and CFDs or Contract for Differences called QProfit System. I am yet to come across any better software in terms of professionalism and the integrity with which it operates.

There may not be humongous profits but at least for the consistency:

It is a well-known fact that income from trading in binary options is only supplementary in nature and therefore consistency is the keyword. You may sometimes feel that the income from trading is just too small but remember that every drop an ocean fills! Stay put with this genuine software and you will realize that your cup is full up to the brim!!

How To Find A Right Stock Broker?

How To Find A Right Stock Broker?

The financial market is broad in its scope as it deals with various securities, derivatives, bonds, funds, currencies including the cryptocurrencies and so on. Investing in this market becomes comfortable only with the assistance of brokers or agents as they have a thorough knowledge of the market movements and trading methodology. There are plenty of stockbrokers in the market today with different stages and levels of work experiences. Choosing a right stock broker decides your fate on the investment.

In the earlier times, i.e., before the advent of the internet, the trading market was boomed with the profit earned majorly by the stock brokers. They charged high percentage commission as they were the only people authorized to trade in the market. With the advent of the internet, trading became easy for many investors as they get to learn much information from the internet. Investors now use the search engines and choose the best broker who shall satisfy the investment requirement according to their needs. Below are the common types of brokers available in the market.

1) Online brokers: Otherwise called as discount brokers are straightforward and their scope of work is limited. They take order either over telephonic conversation or online. Online brokers generally don’t help or advise investors on the investment options, technicalities, and market tactics. Their role is to execute trade upon customer’s request.

2) Online brokers with assistance: Their job profile is a level above the discount brokers. These brokers provide investment tips and offer few trading services to the customers. They do charge an additional commission for the assistance provided. The assistance provided may help the customers to trade efficiently and earn a decent return from trading.

3) Full-service broker: Apart from the role of buying and selling of stocks, these stockbrokers provide other services to the customers. These services include analyzing the financial condition of the customer, assessing his financial needs, the need for investment, the type of stock to be invested, the term or the maturity value and the amount to be invested. Based on the source provided, the broker puts together an investing plan for the customer wherein they review the progress of their investment and make required adjustments as per their needs. Availing the service of a full-service broker is advisable when customer lack interest in trading or has no time to monitor the market. Their commission is relatively higher when compared to the above brokers.

4) Money Manager: Money managers are the brokers who take over the entire responsibility for investing and managing the investment portfolio of a customer. This is expensive and one must have a hefty sum if you are looking for such broker.

Regardless of broker you choose, one must carry proper due diligence about the broker and the stock they propose to invest before undertaking any decision in order to avoid incurring any trading loss.