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White Beach Pebble

White Beach Pebble

Sometimes, it is difficult to write creatively for my listing descriptions. With these words and synonyms, I can come up with appealing descriptions in less time and with less difficulty.

I used to take a very long time adding a description to my listings. I would have at least 2 other programs up for reference.
The first one is Wikipedia’s List of Colors. This is a very useful site especially when I have to name an item or accurately describe its color.
I also had Thesaurus open so that I could find synonyms to the words I wanted to use.
Now, thanks to the book “Words That Sell” by Richard Bayan, I have a handy Excel spreadsheet that I reference that contain descriptive words I can use for my listings.
Here are the various headings and words that I use for reference:
Please note: Since I sell jewelry, these words are geared towards describing jewelry but you can certainly use them to describe other items!

Check out the list of words Nina uses:  HERE

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  • http://DreamBubbles.etsy.com DreamBubbles

    I’m so glad I joined you guys! These articles consistently touch base on things I know I battle with and it’s a pleasure to share them with my fellow artisans on my pages. (tweeted and shared on my FB page).

  • http://www.misscheviousdesigns.com/blog.php Lisa Rezendez

    Oh wow! This information is invaluable! I know I struggle to think of flowery ways in which to describe my items. I have a feeling this will come in handy on a daily basis. Thanks a bunch Nina and Tim!

  • http://www.tools4etsy.com Tools4Etsy

    Well done :)

  • http://bluewhitejewelrywear.etsy.com cc

    What a fantastic resource and time saver! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  • http://eightymillion.etsy.com Jennifer Schulting

    Thanks for sharing. I often find it difficult to name my items as they are all of the same nature being cards. Will look into the book that you mentioned. Well written!