Why Aren’t They Buying? Ten Habits That May Be Costing You Sales at a Show Part 7: Guest Post from the Lonely Jewelers Etsy Team

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In 2009 I designed a survey to look at the habits and actions of vendors at craft shows. I had a lot of participation for the online Etsy community that allowed me to put these results together. The following series will look at the top ten habits that may be costing sales during a craft show.

And finally the number one habit that may be costing you sales at a craft show?

The number one money loser: Thank You!

Ever notice when people compliment your work, and you say thank you, then the person tends to stroll on to the next booth? We are taught to be gracious and accept compliments given.

Compliments and challenges are all a part of life and will only make you better and stronger. There are challenges in life, that are pertaining to your monetary life which even has the potential to threaten your existence- money!
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By saying Thank You, we end the discussion because we have just accepted the compliment as a non-monetary payment for our work. Some suggest using the compliment as an opening to sell your work. Instead of Thanks, say something like, “I am so glad you like it. Let me tell you a bit of the history behind this piece.”

Compliments can be the biggest “in” to selling our work, but most of us let this opportunity pass us by. This happens simply because we fail to see how great of an opportunity it can be. Bottom line: when you receive a compliment on your work; SELL, SELL, SELL. If they already like your work, give them a reason to pull out their wallets and buy it.

~April Williams