Handmade Spark is shutting down on December 31st, 2015.
Thank you for your support over the years! Best of luck with your Etsy shop.


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“I joined Handmade Spark for both my Etsy shops (KnitzyBlonde.etsy.com & ZaftigDelights.etsy.com) in 2010, and within about 4 weeks I began to notice more traffic to both shops. The traffic to my shops from HS has continued to grow ever since. I’ve also received custom order requests directly from my Handmade Spark mini site that have brought some great repeat customers. If someone is looking for an inexpensive way to improve their SEO, and boost traffic (and sales) to their Etsy Shops, I highly recommend joining Handmade Spark!!”

- Sandi Russo at Knitzy Blonde


“Getting a mini site on Handmade Spark was one the smartest things I ever did. I have now been on it for almost 10 months . One of the most immediate results was that I got a inquiry from it within a couple of days and was quite surprised. The most valuable result was the increase in search engine exposure. I began to notice a lot of my products showing up in the first page google search results. I use all kinds of methods to increase the traffic to my store, from Blogging, Twitter, Facebooks ads to Google ads but I found the Handmade Spark solution to be cost effective ( this is really an  understatement, the value for the money is unbelievable), wonderfully easy and permanent.”

Comfy Heaven Throw Pillows and Home Decor MySpark Minisite on Handmade Spark -Comfy Heaven Throw Pillows and Home Decor


“I was delighted with the traffic it sent me. I just don’t know enough about SEO and Google Analytics makes my head hurt! I like having my work there on Handmade Spark and the cost is more than reasonable. I like the fact that when I renew pieces in my Etsy shop that those same pieces are the ones that are displayed in my minisite on HS. I don’t have to maintain it or update like I had to do with other promotional sites.”

DorothyDomingo MySpark Minisite on Handmade Spark -DorthyDomingo


“Since, I subscribed to Handmade Spark and the email newletter I’ve read each one and followed all the suggestions from top sellers.  I kept a log of my sales before my subscription and afterward. My sales jumped from one or two a month to one every week just during the first month, January 2011. I applied all the suggestions I read from the Handmade Spark newsletter and my sales went from one a week to 4 a week the second month and have stayed consistently so month after month since the beginning of this year.  I am proof positive that if you follow what top sellers have done to be successful you will be too.”

-Jeanpatch by MK


“It’s perfect, thank you so much! I have just joined Handmade Spark and traffic has really picked up already.”

Astrid Lily


“I have already been contacted through the Myspark mini-site and also made a sale , Thanks. Awesome work . “

Catherinette Rings


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