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SEO Marketing 101: How Great SEO Helps You Sell

Word Cloud for SEO Marketing 101: How Great SEO Helps You SellSearch Engine Optimization is arguably the online world’s most dreaded acronym. If you are like most individuals venturing into the world of online business, you eventually found yourself asking the question, “So what exactly is SE…”, only to pass cold, exhausted by the sheer volume of impenatrable commentary on the subject.

After you wipe the puddle of drool from your keyboard, you shake your head and move on, having determined that whatever SEO is you should not try to learn about it while operating heavy machinery!

So here’s the skinny:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mostly about WORDS.

In fact, it’s so much about words that we’d hazard a guess and say 90% of what you need to know about SEO as an Etsy seller is about words. Specifically, the words that best describe your items, and the best way to use them.

Here’s why:

Search engines regularly “crawl” sites reading the content, page titles, descriptions, tags, picture descriptions, and site structure, all in order to get a clear picture of what is on the site. They do this so that they can quickly present the website as a search result later on if and when a search query matches the words you use to describe your items. The words you choose to explain your product are some of the most important decisions you will make as you get the word out about your excellent handmade items.

The holy grail of search engine optimization is get found on the 1st page of a search. This is because people rarely look past those search results. So how do you become the top results for your search terms?

Be specific, and somewhat long-winded.

Now you might be thinking that the best way to get lots of people to look at your items is to use really broad or generic terms to describe your handiwork, because that way you’ll be a better fit for more searches. Actually, the reverse is true. Because there is so much content on the Internet, and so many people making things they want to share and sell, the trick is to stand out. The best way to do this is to be very clear and detailed in your descriptions – tell more, not less.

Here’s an example of more vs. less, taken from Wordtracker‘s website:

example of more keywords versus less from Wordtracker.com

More is better because most of the time people aren’t just looking for “jewelry,” they’re looking for something much more specific like “amber pendant sterling silver 22 inches vintage flapper.” So the key is to make sure that your descriptions tell them the full story.

Think of SEO like dating!

When you are searching for the perfect match, you don’t say, “I’d like to date ALL the single people!” Instead you narrow the field, looking for someone who shares your interests, likes the same music you like, has people that like and respect them….the list goes on and on. In fact, you probably might have been annoyed in the past by the number of people you had to sort through who just aren’t what you are looking for. SEO is very similar. Being able to articulate what you are NOT is almost as important as figuring out what you ARE.

Ultimately the goal is to meet your perfect customer at the exact moment that they have decided “I’d like to spend some money on ___.” When you perfect your keywords and descriptions you make it easy for your dream buyer to find you and exclaim, “That’s just the ___ I’ve been looking for!” and proceed directly to the shopping cart. The trick is figuring out what words fill in the blank for your items and your ideal buyer.

Once you’ve figured out the unique terms and keywords that best describe you, you can incorporate them into your item descriptions and titles much easier.

That’s SEO for Etsy sellers in a nutshell!

Still feel like you could use some help getting the hang of this keywords stuff?  Try out this exercise to figure out your SEO keywords the old fashioned way!

So where does Handmade Spark fit in?

Handmade Spark is a marketing service for Etsy sellers that is entirely built around maximizing your Etsy shop’s presence so your items are even easier for your dream customers to find. When you sign up for a Handmade Spark Membership, you get your own Mini-site, product pages, and directory listing. The next step is to refocus on those words, polishing them till they shine. We provide the megaphone – it’s up to you to “craft” the message!


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    This is a nice, no-nonsense article on SEO. So is being as specific as possible in your meta keywords and meta description aid in your SEO on your website? As well as the main content?

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    so where do we put our tags, on etsy when we put up a pic I don’t understand this stuff I know it is simple but where do we go because as tags we usually use for jewelry swarovski, crystal, etc.

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    Hi Henry, we recommend long tail as popular keywords has too much competition. hope this help :)

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