SECRET Etsy Tips From Etsy Sellers

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Secret Compartment

Here part one of  The SECRET Etsy Tips Series.  These tips are not really secret, as they are pulled from the Etsy forums and other places around the web.

These tips are taken out legally for the benefit of the traders who are new to the trading field. These are a collection of all those successful strategies taken from the blogs of many successful traders mainly to show the right path of trading on the CryptoCFDTrader platform for enjoying profits.

Credit is always given back to the buyers and sellers that wrote the tip, so please feel free to click through and see how they are doing!   I hope you enjoy!


mikiep says

I wanted to start a little forum where everyone could post a little secret of something that has helped them on Etsy.:)

For myself [in California USA], I have found that Saturday morning listings are AWESOME! One Saturday I sold an item, re-listed it and then 5 min later sold something else. I re-listed that one and BAM another sale. This has be successful 4 times so far and has worked for my wife RavenX also.
Late night listings have worked well for me too in terms of getting sales from our Friends across the seas.


ifanhour says:

As a buyer I save a lot of items and shops to favorites, often finding them on the front page. I tend to pick from that list. I like unique things you can’t find in the stores. I like shops who have all their policies filled out and also use the 5 product thumbnails.


RockAndGold says:

I do two things to increase orders in multiples and they both work well for me.

1) I offer free shipping on second and higher purchases purchased together

2) I put my product matches (i.e. earrings that go with a necklace) next to each other in my shop.


Potomacrivergoods says:

I firmly believe that what comes around goes around. What a lot of people don’t realize is that many sales come from buyers themselves. Get yourself into the chat rooms and here on the forums to learn and share.


peaseblossomstudio says:

One of my tips is stalking (well, not literally) big sellers and featured sellers because they always have consistent photos, listings, etc.



One thing that a LOT of sellers don’t seem to spend enough time on is their policies. I think everyone should figure out what if:

the item is not delivered?
wants to be replaced?

and all those extra questions about faster shipping and etc. This saves a lot of headache when you get unhappy buyers!


zJayne says:

Use your shop name as one of your tags. When you send people to find you on etsy and they get lost, if they search your unique name (because they don’t know where the drop down find a seller is)… your shop will come up.

Blue and brown, mod polka dot thank-you cards

Blue and brown, mod polka dot thank-you cards


SparklePaw says:

I also think that sending your customers personal thank you messages when they place an order is great for business and building clientele. I know I like to hear from the seller when I order items on Etsy. Communication is good!


Jinglebobs says:

Make sure you put at least your state/providence? and Country in your location space. I know you have marked your country, but it doesn’t show up on your shop page so… do Tupulo, Mississipi, USA (yes write out your state, everyone doesn’t know what MS means.


ArabesqueArtsByDarcy says:

1) Make sure you have done the basic things for your shop. I’m a bad one to talk…I’ve been here over a year and never added my shop name to my homemade banner! Gotta do that.
2) Have some computer and Internet experience. I’m amazed how many people are new to computers and don’t know some things….can’t think which ones…and they ask here instead of searching on Google.



1) i use the forums. i try to help out in the technique and critiques forums when i can.
2) i also use the critique forum to boost views of newly listed items and get feedback on price, etc
3) something i haven’t seen anyone mention? great pictures – no matter how much advertising, etc you do, if buyers can’t see good, crisp, clear, detailed pictures of the items they are interested in then you’ve already lost the sale – whether it’s cheap or expensive
4) i twitter – and set up twitterfeed to automatically update my twitterpage when i update my etsy shop
5) i bid on alchemy requests as often as i can (if it’s something i’m qualified to do) usually, even if i don’t get the work they at least go look at my shop


arcticcircles says:

Ok. This is a bit of a boring one but it’ so simple and certainly makes a difference when I’m buying. Pay attention to the postage service you offer!

1) Listing international postage rates. If I’m in a hurry- one seller has postage rates ready to go- one seller has no international shipping rates listed- then I’ll go with seller number 1. Lots of sellers seem to think that us international buyers will do a lot of convoing if we are interested enough to buy. But you are probably missing out on a lot of impulse purchases if you don’t cater to us crazy international folk!

2) Regular shipping if you can possibly manage it. It’s so infuriating to buy something on Monday and then get a message from the seller saying “thanks so much I’ll ship at the end of the week”. I know it takes effort to get to the post office but it’s effort that I make and sort of expect others do in return.

I guess it all boils down to customer service really- provide all the information, answer convos promptly, ship promptly, keep your customers informed. It will pay off for sure.


TheTestOfTime says:

My only tip is to participate in the forums and often. I discovered the forums recently and have been addicted ever since. I had a month and a half dry spell with no sales and when I started posting in the forums, I had 2 sales. Still not a lot but it definitely boosted moral.

I also just did a bunch of Christmas shopping myself on etsy and found nearly all my gifts through seelers I found in the forums. I would see something I liked on a forum posters site then search for it throughout etsy to see if I could find something cheaper. I was always drawn back to the seller I found in the forums. It was kinda like I had more of a “bond” with them and I’d rather buy from someone I “knew” even if it was a little more expensive.

Carnivale Round Lampwork Bead Set

Carnivale Round Lampwork Bead Set


marywibis says:

best tip ever–

look forward to etsy-ing. The more fun you have, the more success you’ll have. The secret for me to get a foot in the door was asking other etsy folks to trade. It’s a great moral boost and got my name out there…plus, i got some incredible products. Etsy is such a wonderful place to be.


AndThen says:

My favorite things I’ve learned in the forums:
I list my items in Twitter (but I also post my new blog posts and life stuff so as to not constantly spam my followers).
I started a blog.
I joined a group (Unique Women in Business) for support and sales.
I joined a couple other sites (artfire and 1000 markets).
I use my shop name as a tag.
I try to re-list often.
I took the time to fill out my shop policies page.


BeJeweledByCandi says:

Using pertinent keywords in the title of your items is how google and others outside of Etsy will find you.

Think about words the customer would use in the google search bar and use them.


muyinmolly says:

Have at least 30 items in your shop.This way buyers feel they have more choices when they shop.Also sometimes people may just pick up a few extra things in your shop on impulse.
If your customers are happy with their purchase and want to come back to buy more, it also helps if you have more different items in stock.
I have so many repeat buyers(I’m not sure how many, but at least 20-30% of my sales must have come from repeat customers).When they come back they buy different things from my shop.I think it helps that I have a large selection of jewelry so even when they come back 3 or 4 times there’s always something they haven’t bought.


SewDanish says:

My secret tip that I picked up from another thread a while back, is whenever you go to your shop, click “appearance” and then “save” at the bottom of that page, even if you haven’t made any changes to the page. By doing that your shop will move to page one, if anyone is doing a search in “shop local”.