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Raleigh, North Carolina-Based Etsy Jewelry Designer Risky Beads, Hits 1,500 Sales And Tells All

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It wasn’t to long ago that I myself hit 1500 sales in my Etsy shop.  Raleigh, North Carolina-based Etsy jewelry designer Risky Beads just hit their 1500 sale milestone.   They share in the Etsy forums, what they have learned since August 2007.  I  found these tips to be very helpful and right on, so I rewound it for you!

riskybeads says:

1500 sales and what I’ve learned…
I’ve just passed 1500 sales in my shop, and I’ve learned quite a few things since my shop opened in August of 2007. Some things I learned the easy way, and some the hard way. I thought I’d fess up to a few now that I’ve hit this milestone. :)

1. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: always, always, always work on your photos. This year I finally broke down and bought some small studio lights meant for photography. They’ve made the process so much quicker and more reliable. Photos are a lot of work, but you can make things a bit easier for yourself sometimes. It’s 2010 and people read pictures much more often than words. Your photos should make your customers to want to read your description.

2. People purchase when they have money. This sounds like a dense statement, but it’s true. Most folks get paid every two weeks. I often have on and off weeks because of this. People also purchase the night before they get paid because they know the money will be there.

3. Decide who you are and how that relates to what you sell and then become it. Remember that part of building your brand is getting people familiar with you and your shop. When something is familiar to someone, they’re more likely to trust it. If they trust it, they’re more likely to buy it. (This is why blogging works.) After all, even if you’ve never eaten at a McDonald’s in your life, if you were stranded somewhere and saw a McDonald’s, you’d probably be more likely to go in and buy something there than a place you didn’t recognize. If I had the resources, Risky Beads would be a Nascar sponsor. (LOL)

4. Which brings me to this: devote yourself to your branding. If you can’t pinpoint what your niche and then your brand is, how is your customer supposed to be able to? Invest in durable marketing freebies. Send your customers something cute and useful that has your logo and info on it so they’ll keep it and use it! Examples include: paper rulers, magnets, bookmarks, clips, pads of paper, etc. You don’t have to buy it; you can make it! One of the best freebies I ever got was from Jenny N Design (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jennyndesign). She sent a darling tiny tote bag with my order a couple of years ago, and it’s still on my desk today. I keep it stuffed with business cards from Etsy sellers I buy from, etc.

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    Thanks for the rewind. She has excellent advice, it’s well worth going to the forum & reading through her post!

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    Excellent advice in all cases!! Thanks, Lori

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    Hello from Chapel Hill! Happy to see that someone close by is doing well in the handmade marketplace. Best of luck to you.

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