Patience: The Art of Not Giving Up When Selling Online

It’s tempting when selling in an online world to just give up. There’s much to learn and the curve is huge. The allure of making easy money and “quitting your day job” lends itself to frustration when instant success is not achieved. There is an art to selling online and one of the key ingredients is practicing patience. If you’re looking to get rich quick, this world is probably not for you.


Rustic Wood Chalkboard | $28 | Roxy Heart Vintage

Just as you hone your craft over time, so must you hone your skills as an online seller. Taking the time to learn the basics – SEO and Social Media – will not only improve your sales but will also boost your confidence. Selling on the web can be overwhelming – there’s just so much out there. But for the very same reason, selling on the web can be turned almost into a science. Learning the skills and using the plethora of tools already available will allow you to focus on being an artists first and a salesperson second.

With all that being said, the hardest to learn is the art of patience. Success does not always happen overnight. Be persistent, make what you love, learn the skills, use the tools and the rest will follow.  As a maker of beautiful and useful things it’s easy to get frustrated – why can’t the world see and appreciate your work? Here is where that patience comes in – they will!

Getting noticed in a sea of other sellers is not always an easy task but it can be done. Learning the difference between places like Etsy and being a member of Handmade Spark is an important, but critical, step. Etsy focuses on items – we focus on you – the sellers. Whether it’s offering advice and tools to boost your sales and productivity or great SEO behind our pages, our mission is to get you noticed.

Understanding our goals and our methods is easiest done by reading Handmade Spark, Then, Now and Soon.  Amber does and excellent job of breaking down our process and the SEO behind the scenes that get our members found.  We cannot give you patience but we can give you the tools you need.  Below is a critical list of things you need to know and things you need to do in order to succeed.

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These are just a few of the ever increasing number of useful articles we offer to help you achieve your goals as an online seller. Remember, it won’t happen overnight but it can happen. Keep reading, keep learning and keep creating!