Improving Your Etsy Listings: Item Descriptions

In my previous posts I discussed how to improve your Etsy listings with item titles and some simple maintenance.  Today I’d like to discuss another important aspect of your listings: Item Descriptions.

I’m going to use another one of my favorite Handmade Spark members to illustrate my points, Roxy Heart Vintage.

roxy heart vintage tree cake stand

14 x 15 Tree Slice Cake Stand Black Walnut | Roxy Heart Vintage

When customers are searching sites like Google for something specific, the first 160 characters of your item description shows in the results. As you say, the first impression is the best impression, so is the case with selecting Google search results. You proceed to one particular site among the numerous listings by reading the initial visible lines about each result. For example, you search for Fintech LTD and get several pages of results. You read the one or two lines given with each heading and then decide on which to visit first.  It’s important to utilize that small amount of text to grab potential customers attention.

google search results

As you can see, Roxy Heart Vintage’s descriptions begin with text that is captivating.  Let’s take a look at the full description in stages.

About the Item

A tree slice cake stand represents a moment in time where you reflect on where you came from, where you are and where you’re going. The rings gently spiral out from the center and journal every moment in your history together ~ the knots where your relationship became stronger ~ the tiny cracks where you learned how to be apart and mend what was weak ~ the imperfections which give your relationship character and life. Tree slice cake stands are a beautiful sentiment to represent your life together.

Rich golden tones of rustic bark and deep mahogany hues showcase perfect crisp white or antiqued buttercream cakes. A tree slice cake stand not only is sentimental but is a conversation piece and perfect compliment to your wedding cake. With many styles and sizes available ranging from the rustic lodge look to the simply chic and modern – a stand from Roxy Heart Vintage will set your wedding apart from the rest.


Dimensions – 14” x 15” x 3”
Tree slice cake stand cut from Black Walnut
Dried/Preserved, Sanded, and leveled as needed
Sealed with coats of polyurethane on surface and bark
Care/Usage/Storage Instruction sheet included
Suitable for a cake up to 13″ in diameter

First thing to notice is the personal appeal of the opening paragraph.  Targeting your demographic (in this case, brides and grooms to be) is crucial in selling online.  People cannot see, touch, smell or taste  your item in a tangible way.  You must describe the item in a way that makes them feel for the item.

The second paragraph illustrates another very important part of your item description: using great adjectives.  These words help your buyer feel as though they can see/touch/smell/taste your item. Colors, textures, sizes – these are all things you need to describe with as much detail and interest as possible.  (See Amber’s Shop Makeover post for some great ideas)

Third we have very specific and detailed dimensions, materials and possible uses.  Again, since your customers cannot experience your item in person, they must be able to imagine exactly where to use your product, whether or not it fits and what they can use it for.

The item description continues:

~Custom Options~

Tree Seeds – Pick the tree seeds of your choice in a darling bottle to represent the new journey ahead of you! Plant the seeds together at your event in a lovely planter as representing new beginnings and new life or plant them in solitude together vowing to nourish what you’ve planted this day. Trees are a lovely way to remember your special day ~ and when it’s large enough you can carve your initials in it for generations to remember.

Turn Table Option – An invaluable upgrade to make use of your cake stand once the wedding is over.

Burned Engraving – Choose any words, phrases, quotes, dates, or your initials to be hand carved and burned onto your stand. Most fonts available upon request. Please message me to request this option as additional charges apply.

Precious Stone Inlay – Choose any design including hearts, leaves or branches to inlay with rich colored stone on your stand. Please message me to request this option for your stand as additional charges apply.

Custom options can be found here:


I can usually ship your tree slice cake stand within 3 days from time of payment. Please note the date of your event when purchasing. If your wedding is in 10 days or less, expedited shipping may be required and will be extra.

~Why buy a Cake Stand from RoxyHeartVintage~

When choosing a cake stand it is important to choose a wood that holds its bark well. I choose a selection of woods which are of the utmost quality. I reinforce the bark to prevent it from dropping and I search for hardwoods like Black Walnut and Locust because of their beauty and superior quality to cheaper woods that can experience dramatic splitting and deterioration. My wood goes through a multi-step preservation process to stabilize the stand and prevent cracking. My years of experience with tree slice cake stands and my passion for beauty and style in craftsmanship are shown in my work.

If your item can be customized, it’s a really good idea to include this information in your description. Sometimes when people are searching for something specific and find something that is almost right they will just move on.  That is, unless you offer them a solution!

Including information on shipping isn’t totally necessary but I think it can be helpful.  Not everyone is familiar with Etsy and where to locate shop policies.  Even if you just include a link to your shipping policy, it may avoid any confusion or questions a customer may have.

The last paragraph that Roxy Heart Vintage has included is the icing on the cake (yes, pun intended).  With all the thousands of sellers out there, why should people buy from you?  What sets you apart and makes you special?  This blurb is a great reminder and a reflection of the shop announcement.  It builds trust and highlights expertise.  My only critique and recommendation would be to include this information above the custom options.

The example that I have provided was used to illustrate important points to cover when describing your products.  Can it be done with fewer words?  Of course.  It is subjective to your item.  But, you must keep in mind, selling online is an intangible world.  Other than taking fabulous pictures, words are all we have to make the sale.