How to Protect Your Facebook Fan Page: Guest Post from the Pixel Prince

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Today’s tutorial will show you a simple way to protect your Facebook fan page and personal page from hackers/unauthorized personnel.

1.     Log into your Facebook page.

2.     In the top right hand corner of the screen click on “Account

3.    Click on“Account Settings

4. Locate the “Account Security” section on the screen and click on “Change

5.     Check the “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible” box

Optional  – You can also check the “Send me an email” button. This will send you an email if there are suspicious activities on your Facebook page

6.     Click the “Save” button

To ensure that you have done this correctly, make sure that your Facebook URL has https://before .

If you checked the “Send me an email” button, you will see the screen below the next time you log into you facebook account. Here you can add your computer as a trusted device and will be notified  when you login.

Now you can tell when someone logs into your Facebook account. I have specified the URL which should be used to login to your Facebook account. This is a very important point since if the URL starts with http instead of https, it means the suggested web page is vulnerable to hacking and other security attacks. Visiting Facebook through these pages can lead to leaking of your personal information and potential usage of your profile by hackers.

There is malware powerful enough to copy all the data stored on your computer disc without you even noticing. If that is not all, there are instances where Facebook profiles of genuine persons were used for inhuman activities and for promoting extremist ideas. By incorporating this safety feature, you can get notified through email and facebook notifications about suspicious login attempts.

If you use Facebook through mobile, do not forget to save the mobile browser too. Otherwise, a regular user of mobile Facebook will be bombarded with email alerts and he will be confused on which one is a real threat. Another critical point to be kept in mind always is to ensure that you login completely out of Facebook after use. Do not select the option for remembering your password on any device, whether it is your own or of another person.

That is it! Your page is much safer than before.

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– Kenny (The Pixel Prince)