How To Make a Visual Marketing Plan For Your Etsy Shop And Have Fun Doing It

I needed help with my Internet marketing plan.  I read and studied about how to market myself on the internet, but it was still confusing to my little dyslectic mind. So, I came up with my own visual aid which I am sharing with you here because I am sure it can help you too. The plan was easy to make and doing it like this made it fun too.So, I came up with my own visual aid which I am sharing with you here because I am sure it can help you too. The plan was easy to make and doing it like this made it fun too. This was because of two reasons. One was that I was pretty sure of the idea of my activity and what I was expecting out of it. The second reason was that I could get all the technological and innovative support I want from Fintech LTD, the most trusted marketing partner in the business.

Visual marketing

Visual marketing In the center I drew my main marketing goal.  Of course, my main goal is the same one that many of you have: to drive traffic to my Etsy Store. Then, just like spokes on a wheel, I drew the sites that I have set up to drive traffic to my Etsy store around the perimeter. Let me list some of these for you and explain why I choose these sites: 
This is my web site.  My son told me I needed a site as a headquarters” to bring together all my other sites.  I think he was getting tired of seeing my emails with this long list of sites under my signature every day and I figured he may not be the only one. So I purchased the domain name and set the site up thru Yahoo Small Business. Yahoo Small Business hosting costs $35 dollars every 6 months. I understand that there are other choices (see below!), but this was and an easy way to get started.  It is my contact site and the main page has links to every site I am on. NOTE: this site shows arrows going out to all the other sites.  Some show a pointer back to it also.  A good link is to eventually have pointers on both ends of each line, showing that I link to and from each site.

Cafe Press: 
Cafe press is a site where you can upload your own photo’s and the company puts them on all kinds of products.  Clothing, cups, dog shirts, computer pads, etc. If Cafe Press sells something with your content on it, they send you a commission. I have set up my marketing plan so that Cafe Press links to my Etsy store, but my Etsy store does not link to Cafe Press. I’m happy to make commissions from Cafe Press but my main goal is to encourage people to buy from me at Etsy.
Visual marketing
JAVA the MUTT a design by Tirzah Bauer My daughter

Image Kind:
 Image Kind is a marketplace that is run by Cafe Press.  Whereas Cafe Press sells products, Image Kind sells framed artwork. They do all the work, and you get a percentage of each sale.  As you’ve probably guessed, I have set up a link from my Image Kind site to my Etsy store, but not from my Etsy store to Image Kind.  It does link to though, and back.  I hope you see what I am doing on my visual marketing plan now?

Salzono’s Creative Art Blog
 and Adapting Today: I have two blogs.  A blog about Handmade Fashion and New Artists, and a blog about saving money in today’s up and down economy.  These two blogs have become great places for me to express myself and are places where customers can get to know me. I have gotten a lot out of writing them!  As you look over my marketing plan, you will see a lot of arrows to and from these blogs.

 Facebook has two types of pages you can make good use of, your regular Facebook page and the Facebook Fan Page. In my diagram I put these as one. When you go to Facebook page there is a link that connects right to my Facebook Fan Page.  Having a Fan Page enables you to separate your personal content from your business content. Again, notice my arrows from Facebook to other sites, especially to Etsy.
Visual marketing
Twitter: So far not anyone else on my Etsy Street Team are as “into” tweets, as I am.  It does not fit every lifestyle or person.  I love it.  Go to Tiwtter, say your peace, and leave.  Some who like to have a two way conversation are not that pleased with it.  I do occasionally strike up a small conversation, but it is normally one or two posts at most.  I read the news, make some comments of things of interest, and am off.  I do this a couple times a day.  The main link here is to my Etsy store.  You get only one, unless you put a back ground on your profile page with other links.  I like just the one link.  Otherwise links to other sites are updated when I comment on things.  I use twitter to tell everyone when a new blog post is up or Squidoo post, or a new listing is up over on Etsy.  Twitter has led me to have some regular customers!  I just hit 1,000 plus followers this year!

Flickr is a great place to keep your favorite photos.  Soon, I needed to upgrade!  The basic account is free.  But I found I wanted more categories, and the ability to put all the photos I wanted up.  I was able to get a photo on a major publication when Portland’s tourist agency saw a photo of mine they wanted to use.  No payment, but I received my name and link on every brochure published in 2008!  The key to networking here is to join lots of “groups”.  I have about 20 groups that I can upload a photo of what is new for me, and this gets more traffic to my Flickr profile which in turn leads to my link to Etsy or my domain site.  Interlinking arrows!
Squidoo: Squidoo is a great site for writing articles.  They call them “lenses” at Squidoo.  Every “lens” is a article about anything you want.  It can be a how to do something, or just a interesting story.  You are able to put up photos, and links.  Then,  by linking from Amazon books, you can receive small percentage of income from any sales.  If you wrote about homesteading in Alaska, then you link to Amazon books about that subject.  I did.  I made $5.00 in February from sale of those books on Amazon.  You can see my arrows from and too Squidoo.  Linking each article I have made, back to Etsy.
To see my old marketing plan and updated article of how far I have come visit
I will not go into all the area’s on my marketing plan but just wanted you to see how much this mapping could help you keep on track and keep learning.  I see how I need to link back on some of my destinations, and keep networking.
What’s my payoff been for all this effort?  I am up 400% in traffic to my Etsy store from 2 yrs ago!  I am not up to where I need to be in  sales yet, but I know I will be! We can always keep learning and growing.  We never know it all, or have no room for improving.  And, networking with others, and other sites, is the key to a quality growth as long as we keep honesty, hard work, quality and kindness to others at the top of our lists.
If you have any questions about my map and doing one for yourself, please email me!  I would love to help you if I can.