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How To Make A Barn Quilt

In a previous post, Barn Quilts Across America, I talked about creating a barn quilt to hang at my orchard.  Well, the process has begun and I plan to keep you all ‘in the know’ on how it’s progressed and have some basic instructions if you ever feel the urge to make one yourself!

Step One:  My husband went to Menard’s and purchased two pieces of 4’ x 8’ treated plywood – top grade.  He then put the boards together (with our 2 year old Capri’s help – turns out she’s  a good carpenter) and framed the back out with treated 2×6’s (specs say 2×4’s but we happened to have 2×6’s laying around).

How to make a barn quilt

Step Two:  Coat the ENTIRE piece (sides too) with high quality exterior primer – I used latex.  I also put on four coats to seal it real well.

How to make a barn quilt

Step Three.  Using a ruler and a level, I drew on the quilt design for my barn quilt.

How to make a barn quilt

I am going to be painting a slightly tweaked ‘Constellation’ quilt block for the orchard.  I know I could have used an more apple-y pattern since it’s going on an apple orchard but I just really liked this block and the rest of the family agreed.

How to make a barn quilt

Step Four.  This is the last step I’ll talk about in this post.  Using painter’s tape I taped off the design of the first color (it will be orange) of the quilt block.  I had to use a straight edge and razor blade to get the points in the middle really nice.

Tune in next week to see how my barn quilt has progressed!

  • http://basketsbyrose.com Rose

    Looking forward to see how this comes a long!

  • http://twitter.com/ZaftigDelights @ZaftigDelights

    What a fun project, Kim!! I can't wait to see how fabulous it turns out. :o)

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  • http://woodworking-books.org woodworking project plans

    Looking forward to see how this comes a long!

  • Bobbie

    Looks like great fun.  I’m not sure how many people in my area (Tucson, AZ) would want one though. They don’t seem to have a real purpose.  Maybe it’s just me; I am a very practical person, for the most part.

  • Rene Pruitt

    Thanks for your great instructions. I am contemplating purchasing one already made or tackling one of my own.

  • Fohledu

    How thick is the plywood you used?    Thanks

  • Trudi Stout

    I am getting ready to make one for our barn, Thanks for the instructions!

  • Denise Greene

    Thank you for showing this tutorial and for the inspiration!!

    I decided to try my hand at these on a smaller “trial size” of 24″ wood.  I learned once I got home with three pieces of said wood, that “24” square” could mean 23 and 3/8 by 23 and 5/8 or other similar dimensions.  Although I could paint some kind of border and then divide the center square equally, I admit my math skills are not that great.  Even trying to find the center and then measuring out from that proved to be a challenge due to it being not quite square  So just a little advice to take a tape measure with you and get a square board of the proper size if you have no way of trimming it down yourself or aren’t in the mood to divide 23 and 3/8 by 4 or 8 or 16 equal squares. :)

  • Janet Beckman

    i painted mine right on the shed…seemed to work ok…am wondering if i should seal it though? any thoughts on this?

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