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How to Make a Barn Quilt – Time to Paint

In the first post on Barn Quilts I told you about how to frame the wood and get the boards ready to paint.  Now we’re moving onto the more colorful side of things – painting!

I knew my color scheme was going to be bright – orange, purple, yellow and red.  When I went to the store I chose colors right at the bottom of each swatch for greatest impact – Jack O’ Lantern, King’s Robe, Bumblebee, and Poppy.

Normally I would start by painting the lightest color first but since I’m going to be crawling all over this quilt I wanted to start in the center and move my way to the edges – so I started with Jack O’ Lantern.

How to make a barn quilt

I have to paint four coats of each color.  This was a bit challenging with the crazy level of humidity we’ve had in Wisconsin this year.

How to make a barn quilt

But I just took my time and the paint ended up looking great.

How to make a barn quilt

One thing I learned about during this process is Frog tape.  It works better than the blue Painter’s Tape at creating smooth, straight lines.  I switched over to it for King’s Robe.

How to make a barn quilt

How to make a barn quilt

How to make a barn quilt

I’m not really sure why I chose to do Poppy before Bumblebee, but I did.

and I think it looks great.

How to make a barn quilt

I was down to the last color and the humidity went absolutely crazy.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get the frog tape to stick to the wood – not good.  So, I pulled out my trusty blue painter’s tape and it did the job.  The lines weren’t quite as perfect as the frog tape would have done, but remember – this is going to be observed from a distance – they won’t notice a few imperfections.

How to Make a Barn Quilt – Time to Paint

Four coats of paint and a few hours of wait time later – I pulled the last tape off to see what I created!  I think it’s going to look fantastic at our apple orchard.

My next, and final post, on making Barn Quilts will show how we mounted it to our barn – the last phase of this project.

  • http://twitter.com/ZaftigDelights @ZaftigDelights

    Wow, Kim what a fantastic job you have done! I can't wait to see how it will look on your barn. :o) Thanks for sharing your project with us. ~ Sandie

  • http://Rokstudy.com Rokstudy

    Great idea! Be sure to post a photo of the finished quilt.

  • http://www.redesigntechnologies.etsy.com penelope b.

    that's one gorgeous barn quilt you've invented. i love your colors.

  • http://woodworking-books.org woodworking ebooks

    That’s one gorgeous barn quilt you’ve invented.

  • Lin

    Way cool, but I missed the previous blog on how to prepare the wood

  • Jb talbott

    What type of paint do you use?

  • Jkoppold

    When will you be sharing the last phase of this project?

  • Paul

    That is awesome. I am from Iowa and live now in Wisconsin, My daughter and I love our drives through the country pointing out all the beautiful barn quilts along the way. Yours is beautiful we are making a small one for over our garage in town thanks for the ideas. I only hope ours is have as nice as yours. Congrats.

  • Jburrell

    any special brand of paint that you recommend?

  • Ann

    I would like to make a smaller version of this for the side of my garage. Thanks for the tips.

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  • bea

    I missed  how to perpare the wood. is there anyway that I can get that?

  • Mertmaggie

    I’M going to try to make a bqrn quilt and wondered if you need to put a finish on the quilt after it is all finished to keep it from fading from sunlight.  It is a beautiful pattern that you choose . Thanks for your advice.  Margaret

  • Phil

    To get crisp clean lines and points, after you tape the edge to be painted, apply a coat of the color paint that you are taping over along the edge of the tape on the side to be painted. Any place where the tape is not tight and there is leaking under it, it will be the color that is already there and when it dries it will seal the tape edge from further bleeding. Apply your next color when dried. Do this for each taping. You should have very clean lines whne you pull the tape.

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