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Thank you for your support over the years! Best of luck with your Etsy shop.

How Does Handmade Spark Get All My Information From Etsy?

Grey Irish Linen

When people go to Etsy they shop around the site by clicking on pictures and links, and if they know what they’re looking for maybe by typing something in to a search box.

When software developers go to Etsy we use a private entrance that the people at Etsy have given us a key to. Anyone can get a key, you just have to ask. This is done thru the magic of something called an API. (You can read more about what an API is on the Mashery website. Mashery helps manage the API and all the keys for Etsy.)

What this key allows software developers to do is talk directly to Etsy’s web site.. not by clicking or typing in a web browser, but by sending messages from our web site directly to Etsy’s web site.

Here’s an example of how the API works. When you sign up for Handmade Spark, you type your shop name in to our sign up page. Our website grabs what you’ve typed in and sends a message to Etsy’s website and says, “Hey, can you send us the the items in such and such sellers shop. And while you are at it, can you please send the pictures, descriptions, and prices too.” Etsy’s site sends this stuff to us, we put it on the screen for you to review. If you like what you see and you’ve read all about our service and like it, maybe you’ll sign up. And guess what, if you do sign up the next thing we do is send a message to PayPal.. yes, thru the magic of their API.

You can read more about what’s behind the scenes at Handmade Spark on Etsy’s blog series Handmade Code: Handmade Spark.

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  • Dona Heater

    I like the new Handmade Spark Hope it for us

  • Sue Matheis

    I just signed up with Handmade Spark. I certainly hope it brings the spark I need.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jan.thompson1 Jan Thompson

    How interesting, who knew.

  • http://www.doublebrush.etsy.com Double Brush

    Does this mean because Handmade Spark uses an API direct with Etsy, google does not see it as duplicate content, but just content from the same Etsy store?

    And is this why a Handmade Spark (because of their tweaking) listing can be above an Etsy listing in a google search?

  • http://twitter.com/handmadespark @handmadespark

    The API is just how we acquire the content… it's what we or other people do with it that determines what Google or other search engines 'see'.

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