Holiday Gift Guide featuring the Redding Handmade Etsy Team

Etsy Team:  Redding Handmade Etsy Team

“Redding Handmade, a member-run collective, encourages independent artists, crafters and designers to join the Redding, California area’s growing network of professional and amateur artists. Once limited to the members of the Redding Handmade Etsy Team, the group seeks to further our city’s local, sustainable handmade movement by building community, providing educational workshops and promotional events.” ~Lisa Lee and Zizi Ukestad, team leaders

Focusing on what kind of creative knowledge you possess and setting up your group of similar people and getting on to work can be the aim of this redding group.

It was created with the aim to bring the selling groups of handicraft work on the same platform. Click here now to read the entire success stories of the sellers who got famous from this small effort and are now sole entrepreneurs. This is really a very helpful board which helps people to develop their creative skills.

Purpose of this Etsy group:

  1. Develop future creative entrepreneurs who are very enthusiastic to grow in this field.
  2. Build a community of similar crafters, creative makers and provide them with the necessary inputs required to improve their skills.
  3. Providing seminars and workshops in common places so that the members get to learn and meet the team members and work more effectively.
  4. Planning for promotional events and exhibitions which will make the products reach to a larger customer group. This will help in the flow of the ideas to many new people.
  5. Ultimately it aims to have a combined effort in Etsy group and develop them into a better future.

Read for yourself more about this group and its current updates.


Sweetness – Fabric Cuff | $28 | Lorie Lynn Designs


Lemon Topaz Heart Necklace | $300 | Joyful Soul Creations by Bernette


The Name w/Design Stamp & Charms Necklace | $26 | Juella Designs by Lisa Lee


Adult Flapper with Double Flower & Pearl Accent | $20 | The Green Mum by Zizi


Bird’s Nest Pendant w/3 Faux White Pearls | $14.99 | The Smith Hotel by Jody


Lux Tux Woman’s Full Hostess Apron | $32.50 | The Swanky Place by Elizabeth


Steampunk Skeleton Key Necklace | $28 | Sacred River Designs by Kathy


Frayed Flower Onesie 6 to 9 Months | $12 | Oh Baby Redding by Julie


Oreo – Fingerless Gloves made from Handspun Wool | $35 | Shiloh Designs by Amanda


Worn Numbers Daily Planner | $30 | NCharshaf by Nicole