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Having a color crisis? These blogs might help

rainbow wool

Rainbow wool by Tiny Dino Studios

Have you been following Viviana Izzo’s fabulously useful ‘Marketing through colors‘ series here on Handmade Spark?  Viviana has been taking us through the rainbow, discussing the myth and meaning of each color and then (my favorite bit) providing us all with a long list of evocative descriptors.  I think I’ve bookmarked every post – no more boring ‘orange’ in my Etsy descriptions, from here on in it’ll be ‘apricot’ or ‘flame’ or ‘salmon’

But what about before you’ve got to the ‘I’ve made it and I’m ready to list it’ stage?  What about when you’ve got a germ of an idea and you’re struggling to make it a reality, to find those hues that sing to you (and your customers)?  Or when you’re stuck in a color rut and are desperate to move on from your old favourite combinations (orange and blue, anyone?), but stumped for inspiration?

Well, one great place to start is this Handmade Spark post by Jenny Hoople on combining colors masterfully – it is overflowing with fabulous information and examples.  And, once you’ve had a read of that, here’s a few blogs well worth keeping your eye on for ongoing color inspiration:

Color Collective is ‘a designer’s resource for color’ created by Lauren Willhite.  It features endlessly inspiring color palettes drawn from art, photography and fashion – like this one:


Lauren’s work can also be seen on the always fantastic Design*Sponge in her ‘simply color‘ posts.  Here, inspiration for color palettes comes from stylish interiors.  A word of warning though, you get more than just color inspiration from these posts – a shopping list of must-have decor items seems likely too!


Jessica has a life-long passion for color, and it certainly shows in her beautiful blog { design seeds } where she ‘tracks and forecasts emerging colors and palettes’.


Jeni sews and quilts and has also written a fabulous series of color related posts on her blog, in color order.  Under the heading ‘The Art of Choosing’, you’ll find step by step guides to selecting and matching fabric for various projects.  The posts are primarily aimed at quilters, but I find the information useful regardless of the project I’m undertaking or the material I’m using.  You can find all the posts here.


And last, but definitely not least, the Brandi Girl blog is always worth a look for a healthy dose of colour inspiration.  As well as creating breathtaking color palettes (like the one below), Brandi is also embarking on the 52 Colors Project which explores a different shade each week.


Now it’s over to you – do you have any favourite blogs that you look to for color inspiration?  I’d love for you to share the links in the comments below!


Emily is one of the talented writers on the Handmade Spark team. She is an Australian crafter living in Asia. She loves all things Handmade and has a slight obsession with paper, owls, teapots, vintage buttons and dachshunds. You can also find Emily leading our Paper Lovers group on Facebook and get to know her on her blog.

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  • http://eightymillion.etsy.com Jennifer Schulting

    Great links Emily. I follow Design Sponge on facebook. So refreshing. I’ll have to check out the others.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  • http://www.katndrewcards.ca Drew

    I love colour! and these should give a fantastic dose of it for my day, probably leading to some colourful creations as well.
    Thanks very much for the links

  • http://jorpins.tumblr.com/ ejorpin

    My pleasure Drew – it was a lot of fun to research this post, that’s for sure!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jennyhoople Jenny Hoople

    Hah! I started reading this post because (quite obviously) I’m really into color theory :D And here I find my blog’s featured!! What a fun surprise, many thanks!!! If anyone pops over there to read my post on “Combining Colors Masterfully” click on over to my blog from there and you can find more posts on color by clicking the “Colorful Things” link at the bottom of the post :) Happy Creating everyone! “When in doubt, go with a rainbow!”

  • http://profiles.google.com/jennyhoople Jenny Hoople

    Oh! And another really great site for color is http://colourlovers.com
    It’s a social networking site where people create color palettes, patterns etc.
    I’m on there, it’s a lot of fun :) The blog is great, too!

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