Handmade Spark – We Can Help You Grow Your Etsy Business

Designing and creating handmade items is one thing, but listing, selling and marketing them is another thing altogether. Some people enjoy this business side of things, others just don’t. But enjoy it or not, let’s face it, if you want to be successful at selling your handmade goods online, you’ve got to get the business side working. And that’s where Handmade Spark comes in.

Connecting the sellers to the buyers through social and digital media is how handmade spark was initiated; the ultimate blog on what is happening in the handmade products industry giving insights about the place from where the products are sourced and a dedicated group of online brokers are listed in the automated trading system for forex trading online.

I happen to really enjoy selling on the Internet. I’ve put the time into really learning how it works and have sold 1800+ items on Etsy. I enjoy internet selling and marketing handmade items on the internet so much that I helped start Handmade Spark.

What is Handmade Spark? It’s a blog about the handmade scene. It’s also a site where we provide social marketing and a search engine optimized directory, mini-sites and product pages all for Etsy sellers. Handmade Spark helps you with the business side of things enabling you to focus more on designing and creating and to get more out of your selling and marketing efforts.

We want you to try Handmade Spark. So, sign up and give it a try. Not ready yet? Want to know more? Have questions? Then keep reading.

Handmade Spark MySpark Mini-Sites

MySpark Mini-Sites help connect buyers and sellers through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. I have found that connecting on a personal level with your customers is a key factor is closing sales, both on the Internet and in the real world. When you can not connect with customers in person, the best way to connect is through social media.  In MySpark Mini-Sites, there is a connection hub with links to your important social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, website and your Etsy shop all in one spot.  There is also an easy “Contact Me” button, where your customers can email you securely and directly without having to log in.  This connection hub allows your customers to catch up on what is going on in your business and connect with you right away. When I am trying to connect with a seller, I sometimes find it difficult to connect. The connection hub on the MySpark Mini-Sites solves this problem.

Handmade Spark MySpark Product Pages

When people what to search for handmade, vintage and supply items they generally go straight to Google (or the other search engines). So, Handmade Spark uses top-notch SEO making your product pages have a greater chance of showing up at the top of web searches. For every item you list on Etsy you get a coinciding product page.  Our product pages are similar to Etsy listings. We’ve also added a few things to what Etsy offers, removed a few things, and done a few things differently. The result is that our Product Pages often get better search engine results than the same Etsy listing. Also, buyers are getting a different experience that compliments the experience offered by Etsy. When a shopper is ready to buy your item, they simply click the “Buy on Etsy” button and they are taken right to the Etsy checkout that they are accustomed to. You can read even more details about our Product Pages here.

Handmade Spark Directory

Because Handmade Spark gets tens of thousands of visitors per month and thousands of page views, many people find Handmade Spark thru the homepage Directory. The Directory is generally the single most active page on the site. It’s where you can find and search for every seller in Handmade Spark. It has some great search features, like searching by category and by location. Its probably the Handmade Spark page that you saw first and you may associate it with the site the most, but it actually represents a very small percentage of our traffic. Most traffic comes in directly to Product Pages and Mini-sites thru social marketing, web searches, and direct links.

This is a very typical and real example: someone does a web search for “handmade elegant gift tags” on Google. Handmade Spark comes up first and the link on Google takes them directly to a Product Page. They check it out, as well as a few other Product Pages from the same seller. Then, they find an item they like, and click “Buy on Etsy” and go to the Etsy shopping cart. This person never sees the Handmade Spark homepage!