Expectations Not Met – Words Of Encouragement For Etsy Sellers


I have never been into games much.  Always thought they were a waste of time.
Time I could be creating new things, or doing fun activities that produce something.
Spending too much time, looking at and desiring things I cannot afford or attain, can be just as much a time waster as playing too many games!
I have caught myself browsing new homes, in other states, always more expensive than what I have.  Or, spending too much time sketching yard designs, remodels we cannot possible do for another 5 years.
When we spend too much time dreaming of things we currently cannot afford, we will definably bring on a feeling of discontent and discouragement.  This can be, for a artist trying to sell their art a huge detriment.  This will pull us away from the real important things in our life!

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We must learn to focus on what we can do, with what we have at this time and space for today.
Not leaving our visions for tomorrow, but carefully protecting our fragile heart towards
producing accomplishments for today.
Make A Plan
If you are a consumer, seeking new things for your family and home, you can find ways to decorate and attain with a list.  Writing things down, will keep you from either compulsive buying, or buying things you do not need, or want.
Some list ideas are:
#1  gift list for family:
Many sites online let you place items in a “favorite” list.  Etsy has favorite stores, and favorite items.  This can then be accessed when the next birthday comes up.  No more running downtown to just buy whatever you see first.
#2  things to re-organize at home to improve how your space looks
#3  learn to make some of your gifts for Christmas this year.
A homemade gift is a treasure!  Even if you are not a artist, craftsman, you might find some easy things to make. Or have a artist make some custom item for you!  Many artists LOVE to customize things.
#4 for Artists, keep your visions of how much traffic you get to your store, or how many sales you make reasonable and attainable.  Do not place such a high expectation that you loose heart and quit. The only ones who fail are those who quit. If you do not NEED the income, just take a deep breath, learn to enjoy the creativity.  Keep putting new things in your shop, do what you can when you can. Learn a little each day. Don’t overwhelm your self with trying to learn too much too fast.
Overcoming Discontent
If you have already been overcome with discontent, use this option:
*Make a list of all the things you accomplish each day.
*Add a list of all the things you already have, that you are thankful for.
Then add the list of things you would eventually like to accomplish or attain but put no
dead line to this.  You can cross things off as they are done or accomplished.
I know many people want a deadline but for many of us, it just brings
about discouragement when we do not meet these high expectations.  It is a fine line to keep ourselves moving forward but not so that we fall off the roof.
We want to keep ourselves with MOTIVATION, but not be overwhelmed.  For example. I want to exercise a little each day.   If I say I am going to walk five miles a day, I have already set myself up to fail.  BUT, to say, ok, for now I am going to walk 1 mile or 20 minutes a day.  I motivate myself by thinking of what new things my neighbors are doing in their yards each day, and how good I feel mentally and physically after each walk.
I keep a calender in a easy to see spot, where every day I do walk, I put the miles. At the end of the month, it becomes a competition with myself to do better next month.
Motivation! Accomplishment is attained!
It is not our expectations but our inspections that will move us forward.  Be ready to see NO improvement as well as achieving our goals.  One is going to happen as much as the other.  Times of no progress, as well as true progress.  Allow both to happen.  Do not quit.  Steady and sure will give us that fulfillment we desire.
All photos by Brenda Salzano
top photo Self photo taken in Canada
Photo 2          vintage typewriter at the beach
Photo 3          rusty bike used by man who lives on his boat
Photo 4          my hubby, John Salzano who makes me laugh!