DIY: Kids Halloween Costume, Toilet Paper Roll Wig

Toilet paper rolls DIY costume

With Halloween a mere 4 weeks away, it’s time to start thinking of costumes for our cute kiddies. This adorable DIY Halloween Costume: Rollhead Toilet Paper Wig by Finns Mari Savio and Kati Rapia, who are the authors of the books JUJU and MAJA. They featured this fun tutorial in the Australian online magazine called, Papier Mache. In colonial times wigs were the in thing, but a bit hard to manage. Periwigs or perukes are styles of wigs. They were hot and expensive. This modern take on the periwig is not expensive or hot and is way to cute to pass up. This is such a fun DIY, and sure to be a hit for Halloween!

Materials Needed:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • white paint
  • some strips of sheet or some other fabric

How To:

Cut a strip of fabric to the size of your child’s head. Then Paint the toilet paper rolls with the white paint, letting the paint dry. Next step, stretch the strip of fabric on a table then glue the toilet paper rolls to the strip. Let the glue dry and then try the wig on the courtiers. If you are feeling extra inspired you can do another row of rolls and fasten it as the back of the hair. Finally, fasten the whole thing to the band or stitch ribbons to the ear height.

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