DIY- Design Transfer for Acid Etched Brass, Silver and Copper Jewelry

Design Transfer for Acid Etched Brass, Silver and Copper Jewelry

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What is your favorite design?  Wish you could transform it into a series of etched pendants? If drawing multiple designs by hand would take hours, here is speedy way to transfer complex designs to metal for acid etching.  Read More

Design Transfer for Acid Etched Brass, Silver and Copper Jewelry

In acid etching, the black design areas act as a resist to the acid, the white design areas will be etched deeper than the black design areas.

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Generally, the etched (white) part of the design can be thought of as the background.  Read More

Set your designs aside and prepare the metal for transfer (Bronze, Brass, Copper, or Silver).  The metal needs to be spotlessly clean.  Bar Keeper’s Friend is a powdered cleanser (with oxalic acid) that works well to clean off any oil from fingerprints and tarnish on the metal.  It also roughens the surface enough to help grab the dry toner.  Read More

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