Dealing With Creative Block – And Why Self Promotion counts!

Creative Block Journal by Mypipsqueak

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been in a terrible creative funk.  I haven’t had the motivation to create, and even worse I haven’t even been motivated to promote my work properly.

I haven’t done all those little things I used to do –

  • listing or relisting a new item each day
  • writing regular blog posts
  • posting regularly on my facebook page
  • visiting other blogs and commenting
  • writing for handmade spark (sorry!)
  • participating in online forums
  • participating in Illustration Friday and Monday Artday

And let me tell you, I’ve noticed the difference!  When I stopped doing all these little everyday jobs, my traffic and sales dropped off dramatically – and I only have myself to blame.

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There’s no better way to prove that these little things really do count!

I’m not really sure what my excuse has been, I think it’s more a combination of factors – stress at my day job, my studio (ok, garage!) being freezing cold (it’s winter here Down Under), and just (I’ll admit it) pure laziness.

I’m beginning to pull myself out of this little funk, and I think what has helped is connecting with my customers.  I did a market today and got to chat to people who loved my work.  I met one of my facebook fans in person, and was told by 2 different customers that they were disappointed I wasn’t at the last market.  People chatted to me about the designs they liked, and things they’d like to see.  I think the creative juices might just be flowing again!

So tell me, reader – have you ever had creative block?  How did you deal with it?