Cool Handmade Carrying Cases for Your New iPad

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So you pay 500-800 bucks for your brand new iPad.   Protecting your investment is a must!

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Here are some cool handmade cases and bags that will help protect your new iPad and look good doing it at the same time.  There are many fabrics and materials to pick from like simple felt to designer fabrics.  There is a style and look for everyone!  Oh and you gotta love the  Lego decal… just for looks!

{1} You can pick up the  iPad Techee – Yellow Wave from ROGUE-THEORY for only $22.  This protective cover is made with a great designer fabric. It ha no snaps or buttons to prevent scratches, and stiffened interfacing to help keep it safe.

{2} The  PORTEL for iPad is a simple sleeve from PORTEL’s  iCASE collection is made of 3/16″ (5 mm) thick natural felt, which offers great protection for iPad.  This stylish case will only run you $39.

{3} The Thai art deco style flower and polkadot is a great case for your Kindle for only $21.49 .  Thitareemakes handmade fabric cases for the iPad, Kindle, and Nook.

{4} This Apple ipad Case from Jannie King Designs has a special foam core provides scratch & bump protection with minimal weight and bulk.  Jannie King Designs is the top seller on Etsy for bags and purses, and has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show

{5} For$7.99 this  Lego Apple iPad Original Vinyl Graphic Decal Sticker can be yours! All vinyl decals from Decalville are cut from high quality vinyl that will adhere to almost any smooth surface. Put them on your macbook, laptop, walls, wood, glass, tile, windows – Use your imagination.

{6} Small unisex iPad / netbook messenger bag made with black and ecru wool fabric with herringbone weave for $90.  Stash makes bags, wallets,  sleeves, and more!