Blog Spark – Interview With The Editor Of Handmade Evolution

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your Etsy story?

I started out on Etsy as a buyer – and it wasn’t until I started
volunteering at that handmade really took on a new, more
special meaning for me.

It was my first experience in the trading field that inspired me to be here for a longer time. I slowly started liking my journey in this field through the crypto code that was filled with both good and bad experiences and this made me understand the meaning of life in simple terms.

I set up an Etsy shop for them
Justwork and really got hooked on the etsy experience as
a result. I love posters and origami art – so from there I decided I
should start my own shop, Field Trip – where I sell typography posters.

Why did you start blogging?

I think it’s been in me for a long time – I started my first “magazine” in
grade 5 and since I was 13 or so I’ve been known to spend all my spare
money on magazines and books. Then this fall I took the leap and started

Where does your inspiration come from when writing articles?

First and foremost by all the talented artists and designers in the
handmade sphere. I’m constantly blown away by their skills and creativity.

Handmade Finds for your Desktop
Who taught you or how did you learn the technical (design, setup, etc)
side to blogging?

I’ve been working as a self taught freelance web and graphic designer for
4 or so years now. So blogging came fairly easily. My recommendation for
someone just starting out would be to get a couple great books and to try
to learn a new skill or two a week. That’s what’s worked the best for me.

How did you build a community around your blog?

Twitter is the number one way I feel connected to the larger blogging
community. Once you get into it, it’s a lot of fun!

How does your blog help your Etsy business?

I think by blogging on a daily basis I stay inspired, and it helps me to
feel like I’m part of the larger handmade community – which in turn makes
me want to create new, better items for my shop.

Any specific tips you have for newbie bloggers who want to make it in the

Not sure that I’ve “made it” personally!;)But I know that what keeps me
going with it is realizing that I have something unique to contribute – my
own tastes, views and values. What we do as bloggers is important –
especially as members of the handmade community – we have an opportunity
to influence the culture that surrounds us to think differently about our
consumption of material goods and what that means.

Neutral Living Room Inspiration
Name three websites you couldn’t live without. – Their favorites feature is awesome. Great music
keeps me motivated big time. – How can you not love it? – In Tara I’ve found my e-doppelganger, while
our blogs are very different, we share so many similarities in terms of
vision and personal history. Right down to having the same college major
to being Virgo’s. Her site inspires me time and time again.

What are your three favorite Etsy shops and why?

Irene Suchocki – her work is stunning and so
pretty yet always tells a story. I have a few prints up next to my desk.

Paper Leaves – just discovered this shop recently
and I am a huge fan of not only Kristen’s work but also her outlook and
sense of life purpose.

Hine – the best place to get a really cute iphone
case from the sweetest Etsy-an. Her shop is often only partially stocked –
so you have to get items before they sell out.