Believing Mirrors: Do You Have Them?

By: Robin Norgren Pic #1 Photo credit:

“One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have wholehearted enthusiasm.” –Hannah Senesh

Trading cannot be forced in every single human being, it has to happen come naturally to them, they need to develop this interest in this field that would help them become successful here. For this, it is very important that they get the confidence from one or the other sources that would make them believe that their investments are going to be safe and that they would get it back in some or the other way. And this source should also try and explain the reason or the justification for any losses made. Now it is only this elaborate and in-depth explanation that would make even the uninterested develop an interest in this field.

Crypto-CFD Trader is believed to be a good source which has been doing this for a very long time and has also experienced success in many cases. It has successfully infringed in many traders the most expected confidence and has made them successful in this field.


Julia Cameron coined the term “believing mirrors” in her book Find Water: the Art of Perseverance. Believing mirrors are those people who are “generous enough to reflect us back as gifted and interesting.” The believing mirror in a creative’s life is vital to raising the probability of a long and inspiring – not to mention lucrative- career. I can attest to times when I need to be alone as an absolute necessity to processing thoughts, generating new ideas and executing the ideas into reality.

However, the artist must also prepare for those times when the gremlins arrive, attempting to undermine and diminish those said sparks of new ideas. The believing mirrors understand this process in an artist’s life, the glow of those high days of productivity and the dread days when you are questioning the value of how you are using your time and energy. When the well seems completely tapped of resources, those are the times when these gems are vital in your life.

A believing mirror puts the right encouragement in your conversation. He/she helps you feel “heard” and challenges wrong thinking. The person lifts the veil of the dread and holds your hand as you step forward by faith through the down days until you can feel your momentum drifting back to you.

Have you some believing mirrors in your life? If so, where have you found the best resources for finding them?