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Antique Vintage Hand Mirrors are a Collector’s Dream

Antique Italian Floral Repousse Hand Mirror 800 Silver

Antique Italian Floral Repoussé Hand Mirror 800 Silver | $125 | Blue Grotto

Country Living has long been one of my favorite magazines and websites. I love their articles about collecting antiques and vintage items. And I love how often they include Etsy items within their articles, product spreads, and features. So I’ve decided to do my own merge of these two loves.

Country Living’s website has an informative feature on antique hand mirrors which includes tips on what to look for.
(Click here to read.)

Features that collectors of these mirrors look for include not only the actual condition, but also details like sterling silver, beveled glass, and intricate repoussé. Repoussé is a metalworking technique that has been around since Antiquity. Steampunk artists and collectors of Victorian era goods helped to create renewed interest in repoussé items. Collectors also hunt for well-known manufacturers of these hand mirrors such as Tiffany, Wallace, Gorham, and Unger.

Here’s a sampling of antique hand mirrors that I found on Etsy, each waiting to be added to a lucky buyer’s collection.

Antique Victorian Gorham Sterling Silver Mirror

Antique Victorian Gorham Sterling Silver Mirror | $75 | The Good Granny

Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Hand Mirror

Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Mirror | $200 | Leesa Simpson

Antique Hand Mirror with ribbonwork rosettes and lace

Antique Hand Mirror with ribbonwork rosettes and lace | $52.50 | French Folly

Lovely Art Nouveau Hand-Held Mirror by Empire Art Silver

Art Nouveau Hand Mirror by Empire Art Silver | $85.00 | A Remark You Made

Pretty, aren’t they?

~Laura Kuhlmann

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  • http://www.orsinimedici1951.etsy.com Elsie Collins

    If only everything made today, could reflect the old world concern for beauty in daily life, I'd be an exceedingly happy woman!!

  • http://livenjoy.co.cc/2010/12/26/antique-hand-mirrors/ Antique hand mirrors | LivenJoy

    [...] Antique Vintage Hand Mirrors are a Collector's Dream | Handmade Spark [...]

  • http://www.discountsterlingsilver.info Sterling Silver Sam

    These sterling silver mirrors are beautiful! I love the intricate designs.

  • Willipasassy

    I have an Ivory hand held mirror .  On back it says Ivory Puralin nuberry.   IS there anything you can tell me about it.  It was my great grandmothers.

  • Keukalkgrl

    I have a hand held, beveled mirror, sterling, made by Tiffany, printed on handle, Only Tiffany (no-& company?  it has a maple leaf and seeds on back and the face of the mirror has a lady bug on the rim.  I do not know who to contact for it’s worth.  Do you know anyone you could send me lkeads to?  It was from my grandmother’s collection.  Please contact me at keukalkgrl@yahoo.com if you have any suggestions.

  • Edwal

    i have an antique hand mirror from the 1920’s can anyone give me an  suggestions, and its also silver 

  • Roxy

    I have a vintage floral design hand mirror, with silver stamp and I’m sure the initials are d.m.c but not to sure can anybody help me find out about this mirror ??

  • Ronnettapurnell

    I have a antique hand mirrors with metel handle an a wood frame with mirror on one side an 2 18 hundred lady sitting and it has a pat # on it cant c it all 8 or 3 2060 on 1 side pat on other side an more # i cant see want to c what its worth

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