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3 Craft Gadgets You Really Don’t Need, But You Can’t Live Without! Guest Post from Nikki In Stitches

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All of us have these.  Admit it.

We have these little gadgets that we really don’t need, but we’d be lost without.

I’ve listed my top three guilty pleasures below.

What’s your MUST-HAVE craft gadget?  Come leave in the comments!  And if you find yourself leaving three or four comments because you’re a craft gadget junkie, you’re not alone!  The first step is to admit you have a problem!

 “WAVE” Rotary Cutter Blade

1.  “WAVE” Rotary Cutter Blade

(Disclaimer: I use this “wave” blade on a regular basis, but not at all for what I was originally bamboozled into buying it for!)

Photo taken from OLFA

Enter a young twenty-something.  She looks around the quilt shop wide-eyed, excited to begin her first quilting adventure.  She believes she is there to buy a few must-have tools to jump into this craft on the right foot, while the cashier spots a naive, fledgling quilter, easily convinced to spend way more money than is close to necessary.

I was told that by cutting the sides of my fabric with this “wave” blade, I could put them through the washer and dryer on a regular cycle, and they would not fray…at all.  I can’t believe I fell for that.

So, now I use this blade to cut decorative edges on paper for cards and scrapbooking.  Its shiny steel waves never touch fabric.

purple thang

2.  That Purple Thang (Yes, that is this gadget’s technical name.)

Photo taken from Google

This is a very useful tool! (And I’m not just saying that because I’m a gadget junky!)  According to Little Foot, the makers of That Purple Thang, “It pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs!  It makes its own uses!  Every quilter/crafter/seamstress needs one!”  And I believe it!  However, there are probably five other things in my craft room and around my house that could do the same thing…like the tip of a pair of scissors, or a mechanical pencil, or even a kabob skewer from my kitchen!

However, if you don’t have That Purple Thang, which is only a few dollars (it probably costs more to ship than to actually buy), you can’t say things like, “Work That Purple Thang!”   And when a friend calls to ask what you’re doing for the afternoon, you can’t reply with “Girl, I’m just getting crafty with my Purple Thang!”

paper covered brad system

3.  Paper Covered Brad System (This is NOT the technical name for this gadget, but I couldn’t think of a better way to sum it up!)

Photo taken from Imaginisce (Note: This is just one piece of the brad making system.)

I am hooked on this, seriously.  You’ve seen me use it a lot lately.  I used it to embellish my cupcake toppers in my latest Patch piece.  I use it for the centers of flower hair clips in my Etsy shop.  As soon as I start a new project, I think, “Hmmmm, how could I use my new paper covered brad punch thingy.”  It seriously is that fun!  I’m telling you, this is dangerous.  Does one really need paper covered bards adorning all of their projects?  No.  But they sure do look adorable!!!


Find more from Nikki on her blog Nikki, In Stitches and read her article on Organizing Your Craft Space.

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  • http://blackcatcraft.etsy.com/ Lauren Soponis

    Great tools! Thanks for sharing Nikki!

  • http://nikkiinstitches.wordpress.com/ Nikki

    Thank you for highlighting my post!

  • http://jorpins.tumblr.com/ ejorpin

    I admit! I’m a tool junkie! Yo-yo makers are a firm favourite, and I have a love-hate relationship with a metal eyelet attacher thingy* (*not it’s real name, I don’t think), but the new favourite thing ever is the ‘bone folder / burnisher’ that I just bought from an Etsy seller (AnnieHowes) and I use for scoring, creasing, folding…it makes working with paper so much fun!

    I’ve never heard of that paper covered brad punchy thing that you have, but all of a sudden I’m thinking that I might really really need one…

  • http://www.gillyweeds.blogspot.com Shannon of Gillyweeds

    I can’t live without my Cricut! Even though I don’t use it much, I love knowing that it’s right there and I can use it if I want!

  • http://twitter.com/hideaheart MCatherine Lunsford

    At the moment I’m using a tooth pick to roll paw print paper strips into curls for packaging up PetsyMpathy hearts to sell at a dog show….any tool you come across that could help with ‘curling paper strips’ faster, please, let me know about it!

  • Stitch Knit

    I’ve never considered myself a tool junkie; just the opposite. I always try to find something I already have laying around the house……….to do the same as a new tool touts. For example…..I can’t be without a wood chopstick in my sewing room. It would take the place of your Purple Thingy. I also use it to turn short pieces of cording, poke out corners in things, an emergency knitting needle if stitches fall off in the sewing room, while taking pics, sewing buttons over in order to make a shank……..endless uses.
    I think my one new thing has to be my Ott light. Don’t think I’m willing to live without it now!

  • http://jorpins.tumblr.com/ ejorpin

    Oh yes! How could I forget the humble chopstick! I use a wooden one for all kinds of things to, especially handy for stuffing polyfill in to small corners, and for turning little shapes the right way out…

  • http://eightymillion.etsy.com Jennifer Schulting

    My name is Jennifer. And yes, I’m a tool junkie.
    Some of my all-time favorites are:
    ~Bone Folder
    ~Hold punch (to use with my endless supply of brads)
    ~Not sure what’s it’s called, but when used it “frays” the edges of paper
    ~Corner rounder
    ~Eyelet Tool Kit
    ~Umm, I must stop. Cause I could go on forever…….

    Great post Nikki!

  • SewTara

    Hehe, I also use a high tech chopstick for my Purple Thang substitute.

    I’ve talked myself out of investing in the paper covering brad punchy thingy. I’ve been making it up instead . . . but you may be talking me back into it :)

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